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Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Sim card detail name and address

Sim card detail name and address

sim owner information sim owner details Sim card detail name and address. How to know sim owner name. If you are want to know some sim card numbers owners details , then this is best app for How to know sim owner name and other details just Enter your sim card numbers and get full details in 1 seconds. Mobile Number Owner name Janiye app provides information about how to know Mobile Number Owner Name for all all sim operators’ mobile numbers. If you got a call from unknown number then you can easily find the name of caller by using this app. This app guide you how to Know SIM Owner Name by simple process. How to get call details of any number application helps the Indian prepaid telecom users to find the numbers for specific operations like Recharge, Main, Message, Net Balance enquiry, Finding own number and Customer care number. As of now app supports telecom operators like Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Uninor, Tat Docome, BSNL and Reliance. How to get call details of any number application helps the Indian prepaid telecom users to find the numbers for specific operations like Recharge, Main, Message, Net Balance enquiry, Finding own number and Customer care number. Vodafone Airtel Idea Reliance Aircel tata docomo uninor/telenor. SIM Details: Operator name, SIM Status, SIM IMSI, Roaming Information, Mobile Data Status, Country ISO. TAG sim card detail name and address how to know sim owner name sim owner name app sim owner id sim owner information sim owner name sim owner details
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   TrueCaller Location Tracker helps you to Search and Track Mobile Number, STD code and ISD code without internet connection, it will display location of caller with service providers name, with City, State information on every incoming and outgoing calls.


ack any Mobile number from overall INDIA,USA,CANADA ,PAKISTAN and view Location on Map.

Block Calls from unwanted mobile phone numbers & Callers.

Find STD Code, ISD Code.

No Internet connection required for Caller ID

internet connection required for show location on Google map.

Locate phone number,operator details, area and state.Shows Caller Information during incoming and outgoing calls.

View list of your Contacts with Area and operator name.

Caller Location Tracker app is completely offline.

View list of your Call Logs with Area and operator name.

Caller ID – Helps you identify who’s calling before answering.

Simple and Best Caller Location app for your Android device.

Easily Track Caller Location with this app.

Free Caller Location app for your Android.

Mobile Location Tracker is a easy and Graphical based user interface which acts as it says.

Tracker Location of any Mobile number in India USA Canada..etc

Caller Location Tracker app is completely offline.


This application will not show the actual physical location/GPS

location of the caller. All location information is at State/City level only. Download

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Monday, 17 October 2022

Gujarat Vidhva Sahay Yojana: Registration Form, Document

 Gujarat Vidhva Sahay Yojana-: The Government of Gujarat has started Sahay Yojana for widow women. Under the scheme, financial assistance of Rs 1250 per month will be provided to all the widowed women of the state. To take advantage of , the interested women have to complete the application process. All the beneficiaries can download the Gujarat Sahay Yojana Registration Form by visiting the official website of Gujarat State Portal, gujaratindia.gov.in. The complete procedure to download the registration form is given in the article. Beneficiaries can download the application form by visiting the official website or through the link given in the article. For more information related to Gujarat Vidhva Sahay Yojana, read the article given below.

Gujarat vidhava Sahay Yojana.

 The name of Widow Sahay Yojana has been changed by the government to Ganga Swaroop Yojana. This scheme has been started to help women financially. To get the benefit of the scheme, the age of the widow beneficiary should be between 18 to 60 years. Only then the woman will get the benefit of . If the woman remarries, then the woman will not get the benefit of Vidhva Sahay Yojana. Through the article, complete information related to Gujarat Sahay Yojana like- How can I apply for Vidhwa Sahay Yojana? What are the benefits of Ganga Swaroop Yojana (ગુજરાત ) scheme and what documents are required for information about the benefits? given in the article. To take advantage of the scheme and apply, follow the steps given below.

Article Vidhva Sahay Yojana Registration Form

 State Gujarat

 Scheme Name

 Widow women of beneficiary state

 Official website gujaratindia.gov.in

 Objective of Gujarat Sahay Yojana

 The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the widowed women so that the woman does not have to depend on anyone, she can take care of her children and her own expenses. Many schemes like Vidhva Sahay Yojana are started by the government to help women. Which inspire women to become self-reliant. Many widowed women are unable to do jobs due to lack of education. Keeping all these problems in the middle, the government started 

Documents (Eligibility) for Gujarat Widow Sahay Yojana

 To take advantage of the widow women of the state need some necessary documents. Information about all the documents related to Gujarat Sahay Yojana is being given in the article through the article, which have to be maintained in advance.

 Aadhar card

 husband's death certificate

 income certificate

 Address proof

 Widow Certificate

 educational qualification certificate

 age certificate

 Affidavit according to 2/3

 identity card

 bank account

 mobile number

 passport size photo

 To take advantage of the scheme, the age of the widow should be between 18 to 60 years.

 If the widow woman gets second marriage then the woman will not be considered eligible for the scheme.

Benefits of Ganga Swaroop Yojana (વિધવા )

 Information about the benefits to be received under the Widow Sahay Yojana is being given to all the beneficiary women in the article below. For more details read the list below.

 Under the scheme, the government provides funds for financial assistance to widowed women.

 The money received goes directly into the bank account of the women.

 1250 per month will be provided to widowed women.

 The number of beneficiaries under the Gujarat Widow Sahay Yojana has been increased from 1.64 lakhs to 3.70 lakhs.

 The amount received will come in the account of the beneficiary in the first week of every month.

 The benefit of the scheme will be available in 33 districts of the state.

 Both rural and urban will get the benefit of Vidhva Sahay Yojana.

Gujarat Widow Sahay Yojana Application

 To apply for Vidhwa Sahay Yojana, the beneficiary woman has to go to the Jan Seva Kendra, from there the woman can apply for the Gujarat Vidhwa Sahay Yojana, the complete process of registration is given below in the article. You can apply by following the given steps.

 For Gujarat Widow Sahay Yojana application, first of all visit your nearest Jan Seva Kendra.

 From there take the application form.

 Enter all the information asked in the registration form correctly.

 After filling your form, attach the relevant documents with the form.

 Now if you choose the option of NO for the question mentioned in the registration form, then you have a senior citizen certificate, then you will have to issue an affidavit in the concerned office.

 If you choose the option of YES in the registration form, it requires Jawav Punch Namu, then you will also have to take two people along with you to the concerned office.

 If you have caste or senior citizen certificate and you opt for YES then you can directly go to the office and submit the application form.

 After which your application process is completed.

.Gujarat Widow Sahay Yojana Related Question Answer

 For whom the Gujarat Sahay Yojana has been started?

 Sahay Yojana has been started for the widow women of the state.

 What are the benefits of the scheme?

 Under the scheme, the government provides an amount of Rs 1250 for financial assistance to widowed women, the amount received comes in the beneficiary's account in the first week of every month. The number of beneficiary women in Gujarat has been increased from 1.64 lakh to 3.70 lakh.

 What are the documents required to take advantage of ?

 To take advantage of the scheme, Aadhar card, educational qualification certificate, income certificate, husband's death certificate, residence certificate, age certificate, widow certificate, affidavit according to 2/3, bank account, mobile Documents like number, identity card etc. are required.

 What should be the age of a widow woman to take advantage of Gujarat Vidhva Sahay Yojana?

 The age of the widow woman should be between 18 to 60 years.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

The government is giving a loan of up to 50,000 rupees without any guarantee to the lorry-galla owner! Apply like this

 PM Svanidhi Scheme: Due to the corona epidemic (Covid-19), the poor section of the country has suffered a lot and millions of people have lost their jobs. A large part of them are lorry-cheeked people. Central and state governments have often resorted to lockdown to prevent the spread of Corona. In such a situation, people who earn and eat daily have to bear heavy financial losses.

 In such a situation, the central government has started the 'PM Svanidhi Yojana' to help the lorry-challenged people and to enable them to start their work a second time. For this scheme, the government provides loans ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 to roadside stalls and small traders.

 Loans are available without any guarantee

 Loans under PM Svanidhi Yojana do not require any kind of loan guarantee. This is a collateral free loan (Collateral Free Loan) i.e. a free business loan without guarantee. This is proving to be a great scheme for street vendors. These loans can be taken repeatedly by street vendors to grow their business. First of all you get a loan of Rs 10,000. You can repay this loan every month. This is the time you get to repay the loan

 Let it be known that in this special scheme launched by the Modi government, the street vendors get enough time to pay the loan (Loan for Street Vendors). Once you take the loan, you can repay it in 12 months i.e. 1 year. You can repay this loan in monthly installments if you wish. For that you must have aadhar card.

Read to GUJARATI....

 Application Process for PM Swanidhi Yojana

 You can apply for this scheme by going to any government bank.

 You go to the bank and fill the PM Swanidhi Yojana form.

 Attach a copy of Aadhaar along with this.

 After that the bank will approve your loan.

 You will get the loan money in installments.

Credit by...GSTV..

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Friday, 22 July 2022

Mr. Rakesh Rajdev's Endeavoring Furtherance for His Society in Incredible Ways

 Rakesh Rajdev currently resides in Rajkot. Rakeshbhai is the owner of Roma Kristo Hotel and Kanuda Mitra Mandal in Dwarka. Rakeshbhai is also known as a social activist along with the owner of the hotel.

Kanuda Mitra Mandal Institute

Kanuda Mitra Mandal is the main body of the organization. "NO BODY WILL BE LEFT BEING DEPRIVED AND WORN OUT"

Under the supervision of Rakeshbhai Rajdev, Kanuda Mitra Mandal has helped many needy people. During festivals, he also engages in social work. Helping the needy, donating during festivals is what Rakeshbhai has been doing for a long time. Rakeshbhai Rajdev and his organization distribute food grains and pulses to many poor people. And educational kits are distributed to the students. Giving beds to many patients in the time of Corona has a prominent place in the work of many such services.

Fake news

Rakeshbhai Rajdev being honest, kind and helpful was taken advantage of by his business rivals. He was falsely defamed without any fault on his part. His rivals conspired to affect his business. During this time he faced many problems. .But finally Rakeshbhai Rajdev bravely and steadfastly faced all the odds to clear his name and prove himself innocent. This whole conspiracy was to affect his business and him by his business rivals. Rakeshbhai Rajdev is a good person, inspiring and ambitious person.

Helped the students

Rakeshbhai Rajdev and Kanuda Mitra Mandal distribute educational kits to needy students in many schools. School bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, books, pens, pencils, drawing books, color kits are distributed to many students. The children keep distributing food and gifts in the old age home with the aim of bringing supernatural happiness. Rakeshbhai and his family always play a prominent role in the service.

Played the best role in an epidemic like Corona

Rakeshbhai Rajdev is helping many people in the corona epidemic without caring about his health and staying away from home. Food packets, masks, sanitizing kits, and toys for the small children of special workers, and necessary items for more than 50,000 workers in more than 34 trains in the corona epidemic. Distribution was done. Kanuda Mitra Mandal helped all the needy people during the corona epidemic. Kanuda Mitra Mandal managed by Rakeshbhai did very important work day and night from making food packets to handing them to the needy people. Every day from early morning to 3 am to night His service was done till 11 o'clock without any hope. In the corona epidemic, the members of Kanuda Mitra Mandal were on their feet to provide service. And distributed breakfast kits and masks to many workers. Rakeshbhai Rajdev and his group Kanuda Mitra Mandal are always at the forefront of service work. .

All arrangements were also made for accommodation and food for Corona warriors doctors in Corona epidemic.

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Monday, 4 July 2022

How to Riser App and Online Earning by Riser App

 How to Riser App and Online Earning by Riser App

Online Earning by Riser App and

 Create Your Short Video

 Riser App Kya Hay is the first such platform in India which is made only and only to make our Indian youth self-reliant. Where our Indian youth have whatever skill they have, they can earn income by monetizing that skill and talent. Riser app you can see now.

After reading such news, most of them keep thinking that what a bad time will come if everyone remains unemployed and inflation keeps rising. But it is not so in real life! Wherever a person is, he earns according to his talent.

 Oops! You will be surprised that many people have become beggars and have become millionaires. What a great way to trick people. So if you are also unemployed then worry and identify your talent and start earning! Today's era has gone digital! Today we read the newspaper in the morning and you get to know how many people have become unemployed and the prices of things have gone up! Almost all work is done online!

 Digitization is done! At such a time, we have also brought for you today how to earn digitally! let us know!

 Aim (Mission) of Riser App?

 The Riser App aims to provide a common platform to all the youth irrespective of their background, where to make a living for themselves, by using their skills. Presently lakhs of youth from all over India are unemployed at home, who have been gifted with a skill or talent, which they are unable to demonstrate or utilize due to various constraints. Riser App aims to support Indian youth step by step on their journey to become more independent, confident and solopreneur.

RISER APP से पैसे कैसे कमाए ? 

RISER APP we know about the goal of this application but unless people make some money it's all in vain like a dream! So now we know how people can earn money by making videos here? So let's know step by step that if you also want to earn from RISER APP then what will you have to do. 

Product Sales Riser app 

The RISER team promotes this video via the application and make sure that this reaches to the large number of users registered in the application

Register Riser App

Grow Your Local Business use Riser app 

The best part of the application is that it is purely location based which helps you to target customer locally and help in rapid growth of the business. If you have an existing business like beauty parlor, Yoga class or nutrition clinic you can promote the business with RISER application and ensure that more people living nearby are aware of your business. Not only this, nearby users will also be able to find your business in the application and approach you in case of specific requirement. Eg if you own a beauty parlor, if in case a nearby customer is having a marriage, they will know that nearby there is a user who provides this service and can approach you.

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Friday, 17 June 2022

GSSSB Recruitment 2022 For 1446 Various Posts Apply Online

 GSSSB Recruitment 2022 Apply Online For 1446 Municipal Engineer, AAE (Civil), Work Assistant, Stenographer & Other Posts

GSSSB Recruitment 2022 Apply Online

GSSSB Recruitment 2022 Apply Online: Gujarat GSSSB, Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board has Recruitment notification Out for the vacant Posts for Municipal Engineer, AAE (Civil), Work Assistant, Stenographer & Other Various Posts. Eligible and Interested candidates may apply online through official website. Please read official notification, eligibility criteria, education qualification and other details before apply online for GSSSB Recruitment for 1446 Posts.

You can find other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee, and how to apply are given below, for jobs Updates, Technology Tips, Helth Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post,Keep checking regularly to get the latest updates.

GSSSB Recruitment 2022

Total Number of the Posts : 1446 Posts

Name of the Posts : Municipal Engineer, AAE (Civil), Work Assistant, Stenographer & Other Various Posts

Eligibility criteria for GSSSB Recruitment 2022 For 1446 Posts

Education Qualifications : Post wise qualifications – Please read official notification for more education qualification details.

Job Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Selection process for GSSSB 1446 Recruitment : Candidates selection will be based on written Examination and Computer Profiency Test (CPT).

How to Apply for GSSSB Recruitment 2022 for 1446 Posts ? : Interested and Eligible candidates may apply online through official website.

Starting Date for Submission of Online Application: 16-06-2022, 02:00 pm

Last Date to apply online for GSSSB bharti for 1446 Posts : Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 30-06-2022

Last Date to pay Application Fees: 05-07-2022

Important Links :

GSSSB Recruitment 2022 Online Application link HERE (OJAS)

GSSSB Recruitment Official website LinK HERE


You’re reading avakarnews — experts who break news about Google and its surrounding ecosystem, day after day. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news. As well as exclusive offers on best recharge, popular mobiles. With the latest tech news and reviews from all over the world.

Important Note: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website before applying - Thanks for visit this GSSSB Recruitment 2022 Apply Online Post, Stay connected with us for more Posts.

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Monday, 2 May 2022

Gramin Dak Sevak 38926 Recruitment 2022

 Gramin Dak Sevak 38926 Recruitment 2022

Indian Post Gramin Dak Sevak 38926 Recruitment – 2022 

Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for engagement of 38,926 Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS)as BPM/ABPM/ Dak Sevak. Application are to be submitted

India Post Gram Dak Sevak 2022 Highlights

:Name of the Posts Gramin Dak Sevak

Total vacancies : 38926

Conducted by : India Post

Qualification :10th passed

Age limit : 18-40 years

Location of Job : All over India

Application Mode : Online

Official Website: https://newbharti.in/gramin-dak-sevak-38926-recruitment-2022/

Recruitment Details of Indian Post :

Emoluments in the form of Time Related Continuity Allowance(TRCA) is paid to GDS. The following minimum TRCA shall be payable to different categories of GDS after engagement:Post Details

NoName of PostSalary1 Branch Post Master 12,000

2 ABPM/DakSevak 10,000



Age :Minimum age:18 years

Maximum age:40 years

Age will be determined as on the last date of submission of application as per notification.

Educational QualificationSecondary School Examination pass certificate of 10th standard having passed in Mathematics and English (having been studied as compulsory or elective subjects) conducted by any recognized Board of School

Education by the Government of India/State Governments/ Union Territories in India shall be a mandatory educational qualification for all approved categories of GDS.

Compulsory knowledge of Local LanguageThe candidate should have studied the local language i.e. (Name of Local language) at least up to 10th standard [as compulsory or elective subjects].Submission of Application and FeeApplication can be submitted online only at https://newbharti.in/gramin-dak-sevak-38926-recruitment-2022/ Applications received through any other mode shall not be entertained.Fee :

A fee of Rs.100/-/-(Rupees one hundred only) is to be paid by the applicants for all posts notified in the chosen Division. However, payment of fee is exempted for all female candidates, SC/ST candidates, PwD candidates and Transwomen candidates.

How to apply :Candidate who desires to apply online will have to register himself / herself in the portal through https://newbharti.in/gramin-dak-sevak-38926-recruitment-2022/

Father’s Name / Mother’s Name

Mobile Number

Email ID

Date of Birth



PwD – Type of Disability – (HH/OH/VH)- Percentage of disability

State in which Xth class passed

Language studied in Xth class

Year of Passing Xth class

Scanned Passport Photograph

Scanned Signature

Only one Registration is allowed for one candidate for schedule 1 & 2 in a calendar Year. The same registration number should be used for submission of applications. Once registered the same mobile number will not be allowed for

further Registrations of any other candidate. In case any duplicate Registration is found by altering the basic details, the candidature relating to all such Registrations will be removed for consideration of selection. Any candidate who forgot the registration number can retrieve the registration number through option ‘Forgot registration.

The candidates must have own active email id and mobile number.

Documents Required to Apply for India Post GDS 2022:The documents that are required to apply for the post of Gramin Dak Sevak 2022 :

Scan copy of Photograph

Scan copy of Signature

Marksheet of 10th standard

Certificate of Date of Birth

Caste Certificate (If applicable)

Computer Certificate

Certificate of Physically Handicapped (If applicable)

Procedure of Fee Payment:-Applicants, except exempted category of candidate, should pay a fee of

Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred) for all posts within the chosen Division. Candidate who requires to make the payment of fee may pay the fee through online mode of payment using the link provided for payment. All recognized

Credit/Debit cards and Net Banking facility/ UPI can be used for this purpose. Charges applicable for usage of Debit/Credit cards and net banking as per the

rules from time to time will be levied to the candidates. Fee may also be paid at any Head Post Office in India.

For making the payment of fee the candidate should refer the Registration Number.

Fee once paid will not be refunded. Hence, candidate is requested to ensure his/her eligibility for applying to particular Division before making the fee payment.

Candidates who are exempted from payment of fee may apply online directly.Uploading of documents:-The candidates must upload the Recent passport size photograph and signature in the formats and sizes as prescribed. Hence, it is advised to keep the scanned documents ready in softcopy form before applying online.

Engagement Schedule is as under: -Application Submission Start Date: 02/05/2022

Application Submission End Date: 05/06/2022

Important Link

Apply Online Link. Apply Online

official Notification Download

Official Website View Here

Notification Apply Online

Candidates are advised in their own interest to submit online applications much before the closing date and not to wait till the last date to avoid the possibility of disconnection/inability or failure to login to the website on account of heavy load on the website during the closing days.

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Friday, 15 April 2022

Download Best Eye Test App

 Best Eye Test Android App : When was the last time you had your eyes tested? You can’t remember? With this eye test you can test your vision at home easily and totally free! After doing the tests you should be able decide whether or not you should see an eye doctor. Doing the vision tests is fun, and you can also share the results with your friends on Facebook!

The app is in English! Please don’t give me bad ratings because the app is not in your language!

The application has 12 types of eye tests (6 FREE and 6 PRO) :

Visual acuity tests

An Ishihara Color Blindness test

Color Cube GAME to test your vision and speed

4 Amsler grid tests

An AMD test for macular degeneration

A Glaucoma survey

A Written test aka. how much do you know about the eye?

Contrast Sensitivity test

Landolt C/Tumbling E test

Astigmatism test

Duochrome test

An OKN Strip test

Red Desaturation test

Disclaimer : Due to variations in each screen accuracy (screen size, brightness/contrast, resolution) the eye tests are not perfect. Holding a phone of approx 4″ screen size 30 cm/12 inches from your eyes would give you nearly accurate results. Hold it (place it) 52cm/20inches from your eyes if you have e.g. a 7″ tablet.

Do not consider the tests in the app official tests. These tests only mean to give you an idea whether or not you should see an eye doctor or go on an eye therapy.

Visual Acuity : The visual acuity test is a routine part of an eye examination, particularly in case of vision problems. At a young age, these vision problems can often be corrected or improved. Undetected or untreated vision problems can lead to permanent vision damage.


Test if your color blind or not.


The Amsler grid is a grid of horizontal and vertical lines used to check vision problems caused by changes in the retina, particularly the macula as well as the optic nerve.


Age-related macular degeneration is a progressing eye condition that affects millions of people.


Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the eye’s optic nerve and can result in vision loss. If left untreated, It can lead to blindness.


A contrast sensitivity test checks for the ability to differentiate between light and dark.


The Landolt C is the standard optotype for acuity measurement in most European countries.


This test is the standard visual acuity test for people who cannot read the Roman alphabet.


Astigmatism is a vision condition that causes blurred vision making it difficult to see fine details, either close up or from a distance.


This test is used to estimate whether you are long or short sighted.


An official test to test your vision for specific eye problems.


The optic nerve is sensitive to red, so when it is damaged, red-colored objects may appear dull, washed-out or faded.

What to do if I get bad results?

If your results indicate you may have vision problems, you should see an eye doctor. Having regular eye examinations promotes eye health. It also allows your doctor to measure your vision and make the necessary changes to your prescriptions.

You can also download eye training apps to preserve your eye sight and improve vision. You should take better care of your eyes and vision. Preserving vision health is one of our most important thing to do. Omitting eye care and eye exams can result in serious vision damage.

If you experience any eye problems using the web browser, to-do apps, calendars, writing messages or checking the phone book or the call log, you should take this test to check if you need eye treatment and/or vision training.

Night vision improves night vision, it also improves night vision, this visual acuity test improves your visual acuity and your night vision.

App Source : Google Play Store


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Thursday, 31 March 2022

RTE Gujarat Admission 2022: Admission Form, Eligibility & Last Date

 Gujarat RTE Admission Apply | RTE Gujarat Admission Admission Form | RTE Gujarat Admission Eligibility & Last Date RTE Gujarat Admission 2022| Apply Online RTE Gujarat Admission 2022| Apply Online @rte.orpgujarat.com | Admission Form, Eligibility & Last Date | RTE Admission 2022-23 | Check Complete Details Here

RTE Gujarat Admission 2022 : The right to education has been developed by the concerned authorities of our government to provide educational opportunities to all of the students and children who are relatively poor and cannot afford to pay the fees of schools and college. Today under this article, we will share with everyone the important details about the right to education RTE Gujarat Admission for the year 2021 . In this article, we will share step by step procedure through which you can fill the admission form in Gujarat. Also, we will share important details about eligibility criteria and important dates of admission

rte.orpgujarat.com Admission 2022-23 Last Date

Organization Name State Government Gujarat (Education Department)

Scheme Name Right to Education Admission 2022-23

Purpose of the Scheme Providing Financial Assistance to Poor Students to continue their future studies

Release Date of RTE Gularat Admission 2022-23 Notification 21 March 2022

Article Category Application Form

RTE Gularat Application Form 2022 Start Date 30th March 2022

Last Date of Application Form 11th April 2022

Mode of Application Form Online

Official Website rte.orpgujarat.com

RTE Gujarat Application Form 2022-23

The wait for RTE Gujarat admission form 2022-23, is going to be over very soon, as it is going to declare on March 30, 2022, and all the interested candidates can fill out the form and the last date for submitting the RTE admission form 2022-23 is 11 April 2022. The official authority has declared the notification of RTE Gujarat Admission 2022-23 on March 21, 2022. Parents who are not able to give education or not able to pay the fees of their children’s school, can apply for admission and educate their children with the help of the Right to Education scheme.

The government will provide financial assistance to the poor family’s children’s private school admission. On 26 April 2022, the RTE admission 1st seat allotment will be released by the official department. As soon as the State Government of Gujarat releases the Right to Education admission form 2022-23, we will activate our provided quick link. Candidates can apply easily through online mode. Candidates are advised to fill out the details carefully in the Right to Education admission form 2022-23.

Eligibility Criteria For RTE Gujarat Admission

Through the lottery system, the officials will select the students.

Students can check their results online through the official website of RTE

For applying in Right to Education admission, a child must complete 5 years of age and note more than 7 years of age

Annual income for general category family must be up to 68,000 annum

Annual income for ST /SC category family should be up to 2 lakhs per annum

Family annual income for OBC must be up to 1 lakh per annum

Important Document List of RTE Gujarat admission 2022-23

Aadhar card/ driving license / ration card / electricity bill

Birth certificate

Income certificate of parents

Parent’s caste certificate


Certificate of BPL category

Child’s Aadhar card

Bank details

Dingle girl child category certificate

NDT certificate issued by the CWC

Address proof, etc.

How to Apply Online for RTE Gujarat Admission 2022-23?

To apply for Right to Education Gujarat admission 2022-23 online, candidates can check out the easy steps which are mentioned below:

Admission Process:

Go to the official web portal of Right to Education

On the home page, click the online apply link

As soon as the link opens, fill out all the required details like name, date of birth, phone number, etc

Check out the details before submitting

Now, upload the required documents

Now, click on the submit button

At last, candidates can take out the printout of their application form.

Apply Online Available Soon

Download RTE Gujarat Admission Notification Click Here

Official Website https://rte.orpgujarat.com/

Notice about RTE admission 2022/23:

We hope all the information regarding RTE Gujarat Admission 2022-23 is useful for you guys. If any candidate has any doubt then please comment below. We will answer as soon as possible. Till then stay connected and turn on the notification for trendy updates.

Admit Card of RTE Gujarat Admission

To get the admit card, the students must follow the following steps given below:-

First, visit the Official Website given link

On the web page enter the following information-

Admission Number

Date Of Birth

Click on submit

The admit card will appear on the screen.

Helpline Number Call at 079-41057851 for any query during working days – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What is the age limit for admission under RTE?

Children who have applied for admission in Std-1 under RTE and have not completed 6th year of age on the date of admission will not normally be admitted in primary school. However, if a child wants to be admitted at the age of five, he will be admitted, but he must have completed five years of age on June 1 of that year.

As per the declaration number of the education department dated

31/01/2050: GH / SH / 05 / PRI / 19018 / CEFA-21-A Should be done

What is the income limit for getting admission under RTE?

Resolution No. of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of Gujarat for children falling in the categories numbered 6,7,11,12 and 12 mentioned above: Sashap / 102011/4 / A-1, Dt.

As per 7/10/2018 and Resolution No. of Tribal Development Department: Chhatal / 19011/4 / G, Ta.

Income limit will be applicable as on 8/10/2018.

In rural areas, Rs.

1,50,000 / – and in urban areas Rs.

Income limit of Rs. 150,000 / – will be applicable.

In addition the income limits to be fixed from time to time by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Department of Tribal Development shall be applicable for admission to that academic year.

Children from the lowest income families will be given priority in admission.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2022

GPSSB Gram Sevak Bharti 2022 Gujarat | Gram Sevak Recruitment For 1571 Job Post

 GPSSB Gram Sevak Recruitment 2022, Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Published Official Notification For Recruitment Of 1571 Posts. Interested And Eligible Candidate Can Apply Online For GPSSB Job. Online Apply Is Start From 30.03.2022 And Last Date Is 15.04.2022.

Details for This Jobs GSRTC Ahmedabad Recruitment 2022

Organization Name: GPSSB Recruitment 2022

Advertisement Number: –

Job Name: Gram Sevak

Job Placement: Gujarat

Total Vacancy : 1571 Vacancy

Salary: 19,950/-

Job Location: Gujarat

Mode of Selection: based on exam

Mode of Application: Online

Application Last Date: 15 April, 2022

Official website: https://ojas.gujarat.gov.in/

Important Date :

Start Date For Apply : 28.01.2022

Last Date For Apply : 18.02.2022

Vacancy details:

Age Limit :

18 to 37 years

Check notification for age limit and relaxation

Salary (Pay Scale) :

Rs. 19,950/-

Educational Qualification :

Have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by Secondary and/ or Higher Secondary Education Board or passed an equivalent qualification recognized by the Government (12th Pass)

Selection Process For Gram Sevak Job :

GPSSB selection will be based on Written Test

Gram Sevak 2022 Fees :

For SC/ST/OBC : Rs.0

For General : Rs.100/- + Rs.12/- (Postal Charges)

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 (Important link)

Before Applying For This Job, Please Download And Read Official Notification PDF From Below Table. You Can Apply For GPSSB Job From Below Link. Last Date For Apply Online Is 15.04.2022.

Official Notification (Gram Sevak) : Download

Apply Now : Click Here

Official Website : Click Here

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NBCC Recruitment 2022, JE (Civil/ Electrical) 80 Posts Notification and Online Form

 NBCC Recruitment 2022: NBCC India Limited has released the latest notification for the recruitment of Junior Engineer (JE- Civil/ Electrical on regular basis through direct recruitment. Eligible candidates can apply online for the NBCC JE Recruitment 2022 from March 15, 2022, to April 14, 2022, from the website nbccindia.com. All the details related to NBCC JE Recruitment 2022 like Notification, Eligibility, Qualification, Age Limit, Salary, Apply Online, Important Dates, Application Fees, How to Apply, Exam Date, Admit Card, Answer Key, Syllabus, Results, Previous Papers, etc are given below.

NBCC India Limited Recruitment of Junior Engineer and Deputy General Manager Engineering on Regular Basis through direct recruitment basis for its operations. The last date for registration of online applications is 14th April 202

NBCC Recruitment 2022 Overview

Recruitment Organization NBCC India Limited

Post Name Junior Engineer

Advt No. 06/2022

Vacancies 80

Salary/ Pay Scale Rs. 27270/-

Job Location All India

Last Date to Apply April 14, 2022

Mode of Apply Online

Category New Jobs

Official Website nbccindia.com

Application Fees

Gen/ OBC/ EWS: ₹ 500/-

SC/ST/ PwD: ₹ 0/-

Payment Mode: Online

Post Details, Eligibility & Qualification

Age Limit:

Max 28 Years (As on 14.4.2022)

Age Relaxation as per Rules

Post Name Vacancy Qualification

JE Civil 60 (UR-29, SC-09, ST-06, OBC (NCL)-08, EWS-08) Diploma in Civil Engg. with 60% Marks

JE Electrical 20 (UR-09, SC-03, OBC (NCL)-06, EWS-02) Diploma in Electrical Engg. with 60% Marks

NBCC Recruitment 2022 Selection Process

The Selection Process of NBCC Junior Engineer Recruitment 2022 includes the following Stages:

Written Exam

Document Verification

Medical Examination

How to download NBCC Recruitment 2022

Go to official website www.nbccindia.com

Click “Career” find the advertisement, click on the advertisement.

Notification will open read it and check Eligibility.

If you are eligible candidate then you have continue to apply via online.

You may visit Career page to get more details about this recruitment. Here you will get information like educational qualification, age limit, application mode, fee and how to apply. Keep check

NBCC Recruitment Notification Click Here

Apply for JE(Civil) & JE(Electrical) Click Here

Apply for DGM (Engg.) (civil) Click Here

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Friday, 25 February 2022

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat @ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in 2022

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat @ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in : Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Declare by Government of Gujarat. Government of Gujarat will be Give Rs. 15000 for Smartphone to Gujarat’s Farmer.

The scope of digital service in agriculture is increasing day by day. In the field of agriculture, following Douglas, farmers started using IT. Through the use of technology, new farms are increasing their income by adopting the latest technologies. Smartphones for information such as weather forecast, rain forecast, potential pest infestation information, farmer useful publications, latest farming methods, pest control techniques, information on agriculture department assistance schemes and online application for assistance in agriculture department schemes. Being used.

The smartphone can easily be in the hands of the user, exchanging messages like photographs, e-mails, texts and multimedia. Numbers (1) and (2) read for the purpose of buying smart mobile phones with features like digital camera, multimedia player, GPS, touch screen, web browser, internet connectivity etc. and for the purpose that farmers of the state can use the technology through smartphones The proposal made by the Director of Agriculture in the above letters to assist the farmers of the state in purchasing smartphones was under consideration of the Government. Resolution:

It is therefore decided to give administrative sanction to spend Rs. 150000 lakhs (Rs. One thousand five hundred lakhs in the year 2022) as a new matter under the scheme of providing assistance on smartphones purchased by the farmers of the state at the end of adult consideration.

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat Assistance Matter: @ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in

Under the scheme of providing assistance on the smartphone purchased by the farmer, the farmer will be eligible for assistance up to Rs. 15000 / – from the purchase of one smartphone. In which the farmer will be entitled to 10% of the purchase price of the smartphone or Rs. 1500 / – whichever is less. E.g. Any farmer can earn Rs. If he buys a smartphone worth Rs. 500 / – or Rs. 1500 / – whichever is less i.e. Rs. 500 / – is eligible for assistance and if any farmer pays Rs. If he buys a smartphone worth Rs. 15000 / -, he will get Rs. 1500 / – or Rs. 1500 / – whichever is less i.e. Rs. 1500 / – is eligible for assistance.

Yojna Summary Here: Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat @ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in
Scheme for Farmer
Aid to Rs. 15,000/- every Farmer
Check to need Document and other Matter
Circular Here : Download
 Apply online: Click here( Form filling will now begin )
Last Date Online ofFarmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat @ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in 2022

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat @ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in : Below Link Circular

Important links of Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat @ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in 2022

Download New Smartphone GR .Click Here
Print Application .Click Here
Application Status .Click Here
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Thursday, 24 February 2022

GSEB Time Table for SSC & HSC Exam 2022, 10th and 12th

 GSEB Time Table for SSC & HSC Exam May 2022 : GSEB 10th/12th Science, Commerce & Arts – SSC & HSC Timetable 2022


GSHSEB published 10th Class & 12th Class Examination will be Start Pls. All Board students of classes 10 and 12 for this academic session in May 2021. The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) will most likely conduct the Gujarat board exams 2021 for students of classes.

The examination is conducted all over Gujarat. 10th and 12th board students will be declared on 2022. Here is the notification which you should refer for more information. to check the official notification everyone should visit www.gseb.org. If you want to read the notification or advertisement in Gujarati language then you can view below given image.

: GSEB 10th (SSC) & 12th (HSC) Exam Time Table 2022 : 

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar Pubdlished an Official Time Table For SSC and HSC Science Stream and General Stream Exam May 2022. You can View or Download Official SSC & HSC Examination Time Table May 2022 from Below Given Link.

GSEB SSC & HSC Time Table : 


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Friday, 28 January 2022

GPSSB Talati Cum Mantri Bharti 3437 Posts 2022 OJAS

 Talati Mantri Bharti 2022 Recruitment Notification Apply Online 3437 OJAS Gujarat GPSSB Talati Cum Mantri Jobs @ ojas.gujarat.gov.in. Ojas Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board (GPSSB) will release Talati Mantri Bharti Recruitment Notification 2022 soon on its official website. All the applicants who are eagerly looking for the Talati Cum Mantri Job Notification having good news. Soon officials will release the OJAS Gujarat GPSSB Talati Cum Mantri Jobs Bharti Notification 2022. With this article, we are providing the clear details about the GPSSB Talati Mantri Recruitment Bharti 2022.

Talati Mantri Bharti 2022 Recruitment Notification

Officials announced the Ojas Gujarat GPSSB Talati Mantri Bharti 2022 Recruitment Notification for 3200 Vacancies. With the Talati Mantri Bharti 2022 Notification 3437 new applicants will place in the vacant positions. Official Talati Mantri Bharti Recruitment Notification release by Ojas Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board (GPSSB). Applicants those who are looking for the Gujarat Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment Bharti 2022 need to know the applicants eligibility. Before starting the application process, contestants need to know eligibility by reading the notification pdf file.

Talati Mantri Bharti Recruitment Notification 2022

Name of the Organization Ojas Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board (GPSSB)

Official Website ojas.gujarat.gov.in

Post Name Talati Cum Mantri

No of Vacancies 3437 Posts

Category Govt Jobs

Location Gujarat

Mode of Application Online

GPSSB Talati Recruitment 2022

How to Apply Ojas Gujarat Talati Mantri Bharti 2022 Online Application Process

Applicants need to visit the official website ojas.gujarat.gov.in

Ojas Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board website home page appears

Find and click on the GPSSB OJAS Talati Mantri Bharti Recruitment Notification 2022 link

Candidates need to read all the details provided on it and know eligibility

Eligible job seekers need to open the new application form

Provide required details and upload required documents

Check details and click on the submit button for completing application process

Download and take print the application form for future use

All Exam Syllabus Police, Talati, Clerk Etc. 2021

Read Short Notification

Read Full Notification

Eligibility Criteria:

Educational Qualification for Recruitment 2022

HSC Pass

Age limit for GPSSB Talati Recruitment 2022

A candidate shall not be more than 37 years of age. (as on 20/01/2022)

Application Fee

Rs.100/- + Rs.12/- (Postal Charges)

Selection Process

Final Selection will be based on written examination. 

How to Apply

Interested and Eligible Candidates can apply online by below mentioned link for GPSSB Recruitment 2022. 

Important Dates

Start date for application: 28/01/2022

Last date for application: 15/02/2022

Important Links

GPSSB Talati Bharti Notification 2022

Apply online 

Apply Online

The Ojas Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board (GPSSB) planning to recruit new applicants for vacant positions. Officials planning to appoint the candidates who have completed the 12th Class from any govt recognized board. Before starting Ojas Talati Mantri Bharti Recruitment 2022 Application Process contestants need to know their eligibility. Age limit should be 18-28 years and age relaxation applicable for reserved applicants.

Soon we will update this article with the OJAS Talati Mantri Bharti Notification 2022 application dates. We also provide online application form or direct link to open the online application form.Below we have placed the steps about how to apply OJAS Talati Mantri Recruitment Notification 2022. For collecting the additional information about the Talati Mantri Bharti 2022 Recruitment Notification Apply Online 3437 OJAS Gujarat GPSSB Talati Cum Mantri Jobs visit the official website ojas.gujarat.gov.in.

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Thursday, 30 December 2021

Bank Holidays 2022 In India

Bank Holidays 2022 In India
Bank Holidays 2022 In India

Both public and private sector banks stay closed on public and state- or country-specific holidays. Here’s a list of bank holidays in 2022 in India.

listing of monthly holidays 2022

vacations in January 2022 vacations in February 2022 holidays in March 2022 holidays in April 2022

vacations in may additionally 2022 vacations in June 2022 holidays in July 2022 vacations in August 2022

vacations in September 2022 holidays in October 2022 holidays in November 2022 holidays in December 2022

Makar Sankrati/PongalBrief Description of bank vacations 2022

Makar Sankrati/Pongal: Banks will stay off resulting from Makar Sankrati/Pongal that falls on 15 January 2022.

Republic Day: Republic Day is a gazetted holiday in India and the day celebrates the formation of the charter of India. Like authorities workplaces, the banks will also remain shut. in the country wide capital, army are organised. schools and faculties additionally organise cultural events.

Maha Shivaratri: Maha Shivaratri is a bank vacation observed in lots of components of India. it is a every year main pageant for the Hindus, who have a good time the night time of God Shiva.

Holi: Holi, which is also referred to as the competition of colours, symbolises the advent of harvest. humans play shades. while some states rejoice Holi on the ten March.

Ugadi: Ugadi is a bank excursion 2022. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana have fun Ugadi because the graduation of the brand new yr. It referred to as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. The competition is traditionally important for the Hindus throughout India.

Ambedkar Jayanti: Ambedkar Jayanti fall on 14 April in 2022. attributable to these gala's, a bank holiday is observed in several states. Ambedkar Jayanti celebrates the start of Dr. B R Ambedkar, who became the author of the constitution of India.

Mahaveer Jayanti: Mahaveer Jayanti is a Jain pageant, which honors the delivery of Mahaveer, who became the final Tirthankara. It falls in sixth April.

desirable Friday: excellent Friday is a prime pageant falling within the month of April 2022. The day is observed in many states across the u . s . a . for the duration of the Holy Week.

Vaisakhi: Vaisakhi is located with the aid of the Sikhs and the Hindus and falls either on thirteen or 14 of April each yr. The day commemorates the brand new yr for the Sikhs.

may additionally Day: may additionally Day is an international people’ Day. The day falls on 1 may each year and has been promoted by way of the distant places exertions motion.

Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti: Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti is a bank vacation 2022 in Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti: because it name shows, the birth of Maharana Pratap Jayanti is widely known in April 2022. it's miles celebrated in some states in India.

Bakrid/Eid al Adha holiday: Bakrid/Eid al Adha excursion is a famous Islamic competition celebrated in a majority of states. Like authorities places of work, banks will not continue to be open on Bakrid/Eid al Adha.

Independence Day: useless to mention, Independence Day celebrates the independence of the country from the United Kingdom (uk). it is a financial institution vacation across India.

Janmashtami: Janmashtami celebrates the beginning of Lord Krishna. Many states in India look at this festival every yr.

Gandhi Jayanti: Gandhi Jayanti is a countrywide festival. The complete India celebrates the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who's also addressed as the daddy of the state.

Diwali: Diwali is widely known by the Hindus. The competition is found at the 04 November in 2022 in numerous parts of India.

Christmas Day: attributable to Christmas, it is a bank vacation on 25 December this yr. The Christians have a good time the beginning of Jesus Christ.

08.10.2022 2nd Saturday

22.10.2022 4th Saturday

12.11.2022 2d Saturday

26.11.2022 4th Saturday

10.12.2022 second Saturday

24.12.2022 4th Saturday

listing of trading vacations 2021

long Weekends in 2021 list of vacations 2021 Indian Postal vacations 2021

also know about financial institution vacations 2021

Allahabad financial institution vacations 2021

Axis financial institution vacations 2021

Bandhan bank holidays 2021

Canara financial institution holidays 2021

company bank vacations 2021

Citi financial institution holidays 2021

Federal bank vacations 2021

HDFC financial institution vacations 2021

IDFC financial institution vacations 2021

IDBI financial institution vacations 2021

IOB bank holidays 2021

IndusInd bank vacations 2021

Kotak Mahindra bank holidays 2021

PNB financial institution holidays 2021

RBI vacations 2021

RBL vacations 2021

SBI financial institution vacations 2021

Syndicate bank vacations 2021

UCO bank vacations 2021

yes financial institution holidays 2021

RTGS and NEFT vacations 2022

RTGS stands for real Time Gross settlement while NEFT stands for country wide electronic price range transfer. each RTGS and NEFT allow human beings to switch cash from one financial institution to every other. The Reserve bank of India keeps each NEFT and RTGS. Now, the RTGS & NEFT system is to be had 24x7 from December 14, 2020.

word: The offerings of RTGS and NEFT may be used on different forms of financial institution holidays. If an person transfers cash on a financial institution excursion, cash receives credited to the receiver’s account however the sender may additionally get the receipt on the subsequent bank operating day.

list of trading vacations 2021

BSE excursion list 2021 NSE excursion list 2021 MCX vacation list 2021

bank vacations on the second and Fourth Saturdays

similarly to the aforementioned bank holidays, banks also continue to be close on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. If a month has five Saturdays, the 5th Saturday can be a financial institution working day. earlier banks used to paintings 1/2 an afternoon on all Saturdays.

Date Saturday holiday

08.01.2022 second Saturday

22.01.2022 4th Saturday

12.02.2022 2nd Saturday

26.02.2022 4th Saturday

12.03.2022 2nd Saturday

26.03.2022 4th Saturday

09.04.2022 2d Saturday

23.04.2022 4th Saturday

14.05.2022 second Saturday

28.05.2022 4th Saturday

eleven.06.2022 second Saturday

28.05.2022 4th Saturday

11.06.2022 2nd Saturday

25.06.2022 4th Saturday

09.07.2022 second Saturday

23.07.2022 4th Saturday

13.08.2022 2d Saturday

27.08.2022 4th Saturday

10.09.2022 2d Saturday

24.09.2022 4th Saturday

2021 Indian Postal holidays 2021

08.10.2022 2d Saturday

22.10.2022 4th Saturday

12.11.2022 second Saturday

26.eleven.2022 4th Saturday

10.12.2022 second Saturday

24.12.2022 4th Saturday

listing of buying and selling vacations 2021

lengthy Weekends in 2021 list of vacations 2021 Indian Postal holidays 2021

2 October 2022 Sunday Gandhi Jayanti

three October 2022 Monday Maha Ashtami

4 October 2022 Tuesday Maha Navami

five October 2022 Wednesday Vijaya Dashami

nine October 2022 Sunday Eid e Milad

24 October 2022 Monday Diwali

25 October 2022 Tuesday Diwali

26 October 2022 Wednesday Deepavali vacation

27 October 2022 Thursday Bhai Dooj

08 November 2022 Tuesday Guru Nanak Jayanti

25 December 2022 Sunday Christmas Day

types of financial institution vacations 2022

bank vacations are of kinds: national vacations and government holidays. India observes 3 country wide holidays that encompass 1) Republic Day 2) Independence Day and 3) Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. national vacations also are referred to as Gazetted vacations. Banks and different forms of monetary establishments stay shut on country wide vacations.

government vacations are further classified as country authorities bank holidays and critical government bank holidays. country government bank holidays fluctuate amid Indian states while valuable authorities bank vacations are commonly found across the united states of america. Maharashtra Day is a bank holiday in Maharashtra. Goa Liberation Day is a financial institution vacation in Goa, at the same time as Haryana Day is a financial institution excursion in Haryana

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Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Indian diet plan for weight loss in just a one month

Indian weight weightweight loss for weight reduction in one Month Hindi

down load Indian weightloss for weight-lossweight weightweight loss in one Month pdf file by means of clicking the direct hyperlink given under or take a look at on line totally free.

यह भी पढे – weight loss weightloss for guys & women

– weight-loss for weight loss 10kg in a Month in Hindi

Indian weightloss for weight reduction in one Month PDF down load hyperlink

down load PDF NOW

change hyperlinks for Indian weight-loss planweight loss for weight reduction in a single Month PDF

you can additionally go to the official / supply internet site to down load the PDF from following hyperlinks:

https://www.lybrate.com/subject matter/diet-chart-for-391f28ade68635a26d417ea25e9ae9c1-in-hindi/4fc226df5088640ad03c3ea2643c358b

document THIS

If the download hyperlink of Indian weightloss for weight-loss in one Month PDF isn't always working otherwise you experience another trouble with it, please record IT by using deciding on the perfect action together with copyright fabric / advertising content material / link is broken etc. If Indian weight-loss planweight loss for weightloss in a single Month is a copyright fabric we will no longer be imparting its PDF or any supply for downloading at any value.

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BSTC colleges list Rajasthan 2021 PDF

complete Indian Keto healthy eating plan for Veg & Non Vegetarian humans and FAQ PDF

CRPF Paramedical Recruitment 2020 PDF

CRPF Recruitment Notification 2020 PDF

healthy eating plan for weightloss 10kg in a Month PDF in Hindi

economic Survey 2020-21 PDF

meals Chart for coronary heart affected person PDF

Haldiram All merchandise listing 2021 PDF

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