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Monday, 28 August 2017

Ahmedabad: The son of the Security Guard became CS

If you have a strong desire to show something in life with a strong conviction and confidence, then you can do it in your life. After such obstacles in life, such people do not hesitate to reach their destination. This is how a young man from Ahmedabad has done the right thing. The son of a poor house of Ahmedabad passed the company secretary's professional program.
Sunil Khatie, son of Pradip Khatik, who served as a security guard in Ahmedabad, has passed the company's Secretary Professional Program. Sunil has won the first ranks in All India, 20th in Ahmedabad. However, Sunil has credited his success to father and brother, who taught Sunil much to suffer. Sunil wants to give his father a happy retirement life. The Sunil family of poor house has brought glory to the name. His brother works for a security guard of six thousand rupees a month.

It is worth mentioning that a clever student of Surat has also created a unique record. Aditya Jhawar, a 21-year-old student has passed the CA, CS and CMA three exams. The only young student in the country who passed all three examinations at the age of 21. After passing standard 12 only at the age of 15, Aditya was preparing for the CA exam. She also passed the CS examination with CA. After that, the CMA exam has also passed the name of the family. Aditya's father Mahesh is a trader of clothes. When a mother is a teacher.

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