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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Flipkart Big Freedom Cell, a discount of Rs 18,000 on smartphones

Big Freedom Cell started on Flipkart today (9th August). This cell is getting discounts up to Rs 18,000 on a smartphone. Apart from this, exchange offers up to Rs 15,600 are also available. If you are shopping with HDFC Bank's credit and debit card, you will get 10% discount on it. So what kind of phone is available in this cell? Apple's iPhone 7's 32GB model is available at a price of $ 13,201 and this phone can be bought at Rs 42,999. It is also getting an exchange offer of Rs 15,000. Lenovo Vibe K5 is getting a discount of 2,500 rupees on a 3GB RAM model. So this phone can now be bought at 9,499 rupees. With this, now a 9,000 exchange offer can also be obtained.
Google Pixel XL and Pixel are being offered a discount of Rs 18,001. Pixel XL can now be purchased at Rs 48,999. Google Pixel can be bought at 43,000 rupees. 1,000 rupees discount on Lenovo K6 Power. Its 4GB RAM and 32GB internal memory model can be purchased at Rs 9,999. Up to 9,000 rupees are being offered in exchange. Apple is offering a discount of Rs 10,901 on the iPhone 6S. The 32GB model of 6S can now be purchased at Rs. 35,99. With it exchange offers up to Rs 15,600.

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