Friday 25 August 2017

Microsoft will offer 1.6 million rupees to detect error in Windows 10, the company launched the Windows Bounty Program

New Delhi: If you want to become a millionaire you have a special opportunity, for that you will have to find a bug in Microsoft's Windows 10 SoftBerry. The world's renowned technology company MicroSoft has launched the Windows Bounty Program to make Windows 10 the most secure. Under which, if a person searches for a bug in 10, then the company will give it 500 to 2.5 million dollars, or 1.6 million rupees. This prediction companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple have also organized such programs.

Under Microsoft's program, computer operating system Windows 10 will be defective and more secure. And whoever will be able to find out the shortcomings in this program will receive a prize of $ 2.50,000. According to Indian Finance, 1.60 crores.

The software company Microsoft started the program since 2012. Now the program has been started from the company for Vindoo 10. In which a post made by the company was found that the program will provide the prize for any defects (bugs) that the software will look for in terms of software, security, and important improvements and customers' features.

Whereas, according to the company, an investigator reports a report about which Microsoft is already informed about. The person giving the information will be given 10th part of the highest amount of prize. That is, an estimated 16 lakh prizes will be given.

It is worth mentioning that Google, Facebook, and Apple had earlier organized such a competition to find out the shortcomings in their software. And such prizes have also been given. Predictably, a malware named 'Judy' had a very good effect on Android mobile phones. In which the recipient of this deficiency was given a prize of 2 million dollars from the Google company. When this prize has not been won for the last two years.

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