Monday 28 August 2017

This is a simple way to withdraw or transfer money from a PF account at home

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has been continuously improving its services. EPFO has made it easy for PF account holders to transfer money from other accounts to PF accounts and to change money online.
Now there is no need to panic for transfer and transfer of money. This work can be done easily at home. For this, you only have to meet some of the necessary conditions. For this, the user has to have a UAN number. The UAN number can be taken from the company where you are employed.
Thus transfer PF online from an old company into an existing company
1. First go to the EPFO ​​website at Then click Online Claims. Here a new page will be opened. Here's your login in Member Login here.
2. After logging in, go to Online Services. You can see it at the top of the homepage. Click here to transfer money to transfer request.
3. When click on the transfer request, the new page will be open. Here the account holder will have all the details. Here's the date for your personal details like EPF number, birth date and company gaming. If there is an error, you can not do a clam process.
4. After validating their details, they have to come back to the first stamp. Here are the details of past companies that need to be inserted. Here you have to select one of the previous company or current company. Through which PF wants to transfer.
5. After completing full details, you will have an OTP number one registered in the EPFO. After entering the OTP, an online form will be generated. After that the form will be sent and signed and sent to an old or existing company.
6. The company will also get a notification regarding online PF transfer. After validating your details, the company will send your PF transfer request online to the EPFO ​​office online. After that the process will be done.
7. After submitting an online request, you can check its status. For this, there is the option of Track Claim in Online Services.
PF deletion method:
To remove PF's money, the account holder has a UAN number. Member's base must be updated in the Drafts EPFO. Which will be based on an OTP. The user's bank account should be in the EPFO's data with the IFSC code. If the service is less than 5 years then the PAN number should be updated in the EPFO. If one of these conditions does not meet the conditional holder then the PF can not be taken online.
1. Go to EPFO's website and log in to Member Login
2. Afterwards click on the Manage tab and click KYC. Here's your Aadhar, PAN and bank account details.
3. If all information is correct, then go to the Online Service tab shown above and select the claim form.
4. When you go to the claim, you will find Member Dates, KYC Details and Service Details. Everyone will be given the option of Online Proceed For Online. Click on it to submit your own form.
5. In the form I want to Apply For, you have to choose which money you want to clam. Such as PF Withdrawal, PF Advance and Pension Withdrawal. If there is no option for PF vendor and pension vendor, then understand that you are not right for it.
6. If the option is received, after completing the completed form, then submit the form by authenticating it from the support OTP. After submitting the claim, you can go to the online service and view its status in Track Claim Status.

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