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Friday, 8 September 2017

Bad News : 7 Lakh Indians to lose IT and BPO jobs by 2022

US based research firm, HfS Research declared in a report that Indian low-skilled employees in IT and BPO companies are likely to lose more than 7 Lakh jobs by 2022.

However the firm says while it is a bad news to low-skilled persons, medium and high skilled will see a rise. This effect is also being felt globally. The firm also says that total jobs of IT and BPO are expected to fall by 7.5 % in major countries like India, US and UK.

While the major reason for this shocking scenario is adoption of artificial intelligence. Routine jobs are being taken over by Robotic Process Automation (RPA). They say that Robotics is going to take over high-intensive and high-throughput jobs.

IT and BPO industry is feeling these shockwaves and youth need to migrate to the robotic technology which is the future. Lets see how fast Indian Government take steps to get updated with this trend.


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