Saturday 27 July 2019

Keep your account password like this - nobody can ever be hacked

Today's era is digital.  In the digital world you have to remember many passwords. Such as Wi-Fi password, bank account password, password of website like facebook and twitter, password of computer etc. have to be kept in different types.  The hacker first tries to know your password. So let's learn how you can make your password safe and strong.  One of the biggest reasons for being hacked online is because password is very simple. Any hacker can easily think or learn with the help of software.  So the first thing to do is protect your password.  Share this information with your friends so they too can secure their account.


 How is password hacked?

 One of the biggest reasons for password being hacked is to keep a weak password.  Suppose someone has just kept the word "password" as a password, this word is in another ABCD.  With the help of a software hacker can learn in 5 minutes.  But if you combine the first and second ABCD characters with a password such as "Password" it may take up to 2 hours to break this password.  However, if you add a special character like "P @ ssword" it can take up to 7 days to break.  To make it even safer, add statistics such as "P @ ssword1" and it may take approximately 3 years for this password to break.  View table below

 1 letter 1 letter 3 letter LC2 second 2 minute 1 hour LC and UC3 hours 5 days 1.5 years LC and UC and Digit૨.20 days 3 years 1 year LC and UC and Digit and SC૭૦ day 1 year 1 year

 LC: 2nd ABCD, UC: 1st ABCD, SC: VIP word- (! @ # $% ^ & * () *) Etc.

 The length of the password is of special importance in securing the password and the second importance is based on its complexity.  Instead of just putting a password in lowercase, it can not be broken easily if it is created by combining uppercase, lowercase and digit and special characters.  As the length of the password increases, its complexity also increases.  There are a total of 5 uppercase, 3 lowercase 3 digits and 3 special characters in the English language, meaning there are 5 different characters.  If we create a 4-digit password out of this, then a total of (1) ^ 3, which means 3 billion passwords, can be as many as 3 trillion passwords for a 4-digit password.


 Tips for password protection

 (2) Don't over-simplify passwords like abcd, qwerty2

 (3) Keep the password in numbers 1 to 2 and make a combination of uppercase and lowercase.

 (2) Do not use your personal details such as your surname, date of birth, vehicle number, surname, etc. in the password.

 (3) Keep a separate password for each of your accounts.

 (2) Do not use any word in the dictionary.

 (3) Don't tell anyone your password.  Most people here are victims of deception.  The hacker calls you by another name and says I'm a bank official.  Enter your password to close your account.  Remember that no one has the right to know or ask for your password.  According to cyber law, it is illegal to ask for a password.  This method is called social engineering.

 (2) If you have to access your account from someone else's computer, keep logging out of it.

 (2) Avoid excessive free Wi-Fi use, especially in online transactions.

 (2) If you need to remember multiple types of passwords you can get help with software like password manager.  Software like LastPass and KEYPASS is very popular.

 (2) For your most important account such as email bank, facebook, it is necessary to have 2-step-verification.These features are in every account just go to its settings and turn it on.

 So make your password safe and secure and prevent online fraud.  Also share this information with friends so they too can keep their account secure.

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