p After the withdrawal of 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan will suffer this loss GTPADHIYAR: After the withdrawal of 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan will suffer this loss

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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

After the withdrawal of 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan will suffer this loss

It has been decided to abolish article-370 giving special rights to the valley.  India's decision has stirred a stir in Pakistan.  While there has been a sharp decline in the Pakistani stock market, Imran Khan has called a meeting of the Pakistan Parliamentary Committee.   According to media reports, Pakistan has given India a giggle and said India has played a very dangerous game.  This can have a terrible effect on the entire area.   With the decision of the Central Government regarding Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan's breath has started to swell.  There has been a lot of news in the Pakistani media about the decision of Modi government to destroy article 370.   Earlier, Pakistani newspaper Dawn feared that the central government could try to tamper with 35 A.   Significantly, the heavy deployment of the security forces in Kashmir has caused a shock to the efforts of Pakistan to infiltrate.   Recently, the Indian Army had killed seven attackers of the Pakistani bat team.  The Indian Army had also asked the Pakistani army to carry the bodies of these attackers.  However, the Pakistani army denied that India had killed any Pakistani attacker.   Let me tell you that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had a meeting with the National Security Committee on Sunday, worried about the deployment of additional security forces by the Indian government in Kashmir.   In this meeting, Pakistan once again chanted the Kashmir issue to divert the attention of the world.  In the meeting, Pakistan accused India that Indian soldiers were targeting ordinary civilians on the Line of Control.   It is noteworthy that the operation of Indian security forces after the Pulwama terror attack has broken the back of the terrorists present in the valley.  Not only this, his attempts to infiltrate the terrorist have also proved to be a failure.  This has led to its grimness.

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