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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Do keep these essential emergency apps in your mobile phone

Other important apps and their convenience   There are some non-governmental apps along with government apps, which are working very well.  Let us also know about them.    I on me app   Actually this app is extremely beneficial for family members and friends.  Especially if you live alone  This app ensures that if a user is not responding to the app, it will automatically notify the other user, in which there is no need to press any type of button.  In this app you can also create your schedule and after setting it, this app asks you every hour whether you are right or not.    Bicef Alarm   Bicef alarm is an important app, which should be in your mobile phone.  With Bosef Alarm, who is where and what he is doing, it can be detected.  This app automatically sends audio and video to your location as well.  When the alarm is activated, the video recorded automatically goes to your parents or acquaintances.  All information related to you is securely stored on the BSEF server, which you can access anytime.    Follow me app   This is an app that works on GPS tracking.  This app, which works on GPS tracking, tells the user's live position.  With this help, your parents can see your live location where you are currently.  Also, when you reach home safely, this app informs your parents about it.   

Timer alarm   This is an app that is useful for doing and reminding someone to do something.  You set an alarm in this app, after that the app sends the message to your parents right after that time.  If you are going on jogging in the morning or going for a walk in the evening, then this app proves to be most helpful to avoid any untoward happening at that time.    ICE (In Case of Emergency)   If you are in an emergency, this app is an easy way to store the information required by rescue teams and doctors.  In addition to a list of contacts of the closest persons, the ICE Card App stores the information to the user about medicines, previous illnesses, allergies and other health related information.  It has a special alarm button, so you can send messages to all your acquaintances simultaneously.  It also tells your live location to your friends and acquaintances.    Local Police App   Local Police App is an important app.  You can use law and public security services through your local police app.  This app is designed to connect people with their local police, so that they can get help from the police with the help of the smartphone.    All cab app   The All Cab app is one of the important apps for today's era, because of this you may need a car anywhere.  In such a situation, instead of getting upset, you can take help from it.  With the help of this app, all the taxi servicing apps can be viewed simultaneously.  Users can check the price of all taxi services using this app and book according to their needs.    Red panic button app   As you understand by name, it is an app that users can use in bad weather.  Users in this app already set up a panic number and can send their location to that number at the time of need.    Watch over me app   This can save you from trouble.  This app sends your location and messages to your acquaintances when they get in trouble.  According to your difficulty, this app also connects you to emergency services.    Know what to take care of while downloading the app Points to keep in mind while downloading the apps   We have given information about all the important apps above.  But at the same time it is very important to know what things should be taken care of when it is being downloaded.

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