p Here the license of the disciples will be made with the pen of Guruji, new orders are implemented GTPADHIYAR: Here the license of the disciples will be made with the pen of Guruji, new orders are implemented

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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Here the license of the disciples will be made with the pen of Guruji, new orders are implemented

Desk: While the Haryana government has waged several types of campaigns with the intention of making people especially aware of the traffic rules, the state government has also issued an important decision in this regard and now in the future, students will be notified  SDM for Learning Driving License  No need to visit the office.  Under this notification issued by the government, now the process of learning license of students in higher educational institutions of the state will begin.
Under this important decision, the heads of higher educational institutions have been empowered to make lingual licenses.  It is worth noting that the state government has issued a notification on August 7 in connection with the creation of driving license for students in higher educational institutions.  Under it, it has been said that in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 28,65,96 and 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and by making some amendments, new rules have been made.  It is a hallmark that now the students will have the right to make learning driving license.  According to administrative experts, it has also been asked to supply the necessary resources in educational institutions for this process.  Under this, instructions have been given that two rooms will be required for the process of learning license and in these, the application of the student in one room and the learningtest in the other has been asked to be taken online.  Also, instructions have been given that computer should also have space to keep high level software and data feed.  For the process of learning license, a nodal officer and clerk will be appointed as a data entry operator, after which only the principals of higher education institute will be able to give learning driving license to the students.  Powers given to them  Learning license related notification issued by registrars of all universities, directors of medical colleges, directors and principals of engineering and technology institutes recognized by the All India Technical Council, principals of government colleges, principals of government aided education colleges, state polytechnics and industrial training.  S  Principals of institutes, principals of state nursing colleges, principals of state pharmacy colleges, directors of state Ayurvedic, homeopathy, Unani colleges and principals etc. have been given the power to become licensing students of their educational institutions.  

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