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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Guaranteed job will be given after doing these courses after 12th pass

When students pass 12th, the first question before them is what to do now. Actually, this is the time when he actually lay the foundation of his career. During this time, he is in the most dilemma. While some students like to graduate after 12th and then post-graduation, some students want that they get a job as soon as possible. For this, he can take some courses. Actually, there are many courses nowadays, which you can get a good job by doing after 12th. So let's know about these courses-

 Web designing

 Internet usage has increased a lot in today's time. Not only this, every person wants to show their business and work through internet by digitalizing themselves. Due to which the demand for web designer has increased tremendously. You can do this course after 12th. Although this course is about one year, but you can apply for a job in this field by doing a short term course of three to six months.

 Interior designing

 If you like designing and painting then you can try hands on in the field of interior designing. After 12th, you can do a short term course in interior designing from a good institute. After this it will be very easy for you to get a job.

 Makeup artist

 Today's makeup artist is in demand everywhere. Then, whether it is about a news channel or TV serial or films, a makeup artist is needed. In such a situation, if you want to earn a lot of money through your skill, then do a course on makeup and hairstyling. This course lasts from one month to six months. After doing this course, you can find jobs at many places.

 Yoga expert

 In the last few years, people's craze has increased towards yoga. Along with this, the demand for yoga experts has also increased. In today's time people want to do yoga, but under the supervision of a yoga expert. You can also start your career by doing yoga related courses after 12th. Initially, you can work in a yoga center and later you can also open your own yoga center.

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