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Friday, 24 January 2020

This company will give 1GB of data for 1 rupee, direct competition to Mukesh Ambani's JIO

new Delhi. Mukesh Ambani revolutionized the entire telecom sector by bringing Reliance Jio, its effect was very negative on other companies in this sector. But customers got a lot of benefits because under compulsion all companies had to reduce their rate. Now the startup company of Bengaluru is gearing up to compete with Mukesh Ambani's company Jio. This company will provide 1 GB of data to customers for only 1 rupee. The CEO of the company himself told the media in an interview that how it will be possible to give 1 GB of data for 1 rupee.

 WiFi case will give direct competition to JIO

 The name of the company which provides 1 GB of data for 1 rupee to the customers is Wifi Bin. It is a startup company in Bagluru. The objective of this company is to provide reliable and affordable service to the customers and to fix the connectivity related problems.

 This way you will get 1 GB for 1 rupee

 In fact, when Jio entered the telecom sector, the cost of data in the country was the lowest in the world, at that time it was too much for many users, due to which they stayed away from data. With this thinking, WiFi Dabba started looking for new opportunities in this area. After which the company devised a solution called SuperNodes. According to the CEO of the company, the availability and access to the Internet puts more burden on customers due to third party hardware, software and network infrastructure. The WiFi box has its own hardware, software and networking, which helps in saving the vendor margin. Therefore, the company is able to provide internet to customers at a very low cost.

 Will start from bangalore

 The company is going to launch the scheme from Bangalore. After which it can be made available to customers across the country in view of demand.

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