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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Change in application process for BPL scheme

Surendra Saini, Kaithal: The government has changed the application process to include eligible people in the BPL scheme. Now, people who have motorcycles and salary of 10 to 15 thousand per month will also be able to apply to join the scheme. Earlier, due to these rules, many applications were rejected. Despite being eligible in this way, people could not get benefits.

 There are a total of 47 thousand 731 BPL card holders in rural areas across the district. From February 2019 to October, 20 thousand 212 people had applied to take advantage of this scheme, out of which 2386 people were found eligible. Other applications were rejected, including those who had bikes at home and the salary was 10 to 15 thousand per month. In this way, these people had called the survey wrong and demanded the survey again that today every house has a motorcycle, it does not mean that they have become rich. These things are necessary according to the need of the hour. When the department put this complaint of the people before the government, the government changed the application process and made new rules and sought applications again.

 October to February

 4332 people applied

 A total of 4 thousand 332 people applied to take advantage of the BPL scheme from October to February 1 in six blocks of the district. On these applications, the team Patwari, Village Secretary, Sarpanch, constituted under the chairmanship of BDO of Panchayat Department, reported 3789 applications to the District Panchayat Department while examining them. After this, the team of District Development and Panchayat Officer, District Welfare Officer, Executive Engineer of PWD, DFSC team made an inquiry and gave forthcoming report to SDM and ADC.

 Of these applications, 712 were considered eligible, while 547 have been kept pending. 3073 farms were rejected. People from various villages of Kaithal, Pundri, Dhand, Rajaund, Kalayat, Guhla and Sivan blocks of the district had applied to avail the scheme. Now these 712 applications will be examined by the ADC, after which the report will be given to DC. After sending the government from here, these people will get the benefit of the scheme.

 These conditions are necessary to take advantage of the scheme

 - There should be no fridge, TV and pucca house in the house.

 - There is no member of the house on government job.

 - The head of the household should not have more than 15 thousand salary.

 - Car, tractor and other big vehicles should not be there.

 People from different villages are reaching the DC office every day

 People from some village are reaching the DC and ADC offices every day to demand the benefits of BPL scheme. People say they are eligible for the plan, but they are still excluded. While the benefit of the scheme is being given to such people, who are not even eligible for the scheme. Ishwar Chand Dhiman, the nodal officer of the scheme working in the ADC office, said that people should apply online for the scheme. The teams formed will conduct the survey, whoever is eligible will be given the benefit of the scheme. Told that now some changes have been made in the plan. Those who have a bike and a monthly income of ten to 15 thousand will also be able to apply.

 Selection of the right characters is being done

 SDM Kamalpreet Kaur said that after scrutinizing the applications made in the BPL scheme, the right ones are being selected. After this, senior officers are sent to prepare the report.

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