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Friday, 7 February 2020

Jio's new offer for angry customers, Rs 179 for 365 days, know more

Reliance Jio first made people aware of high speed internet by providing 4G internet services in the telecom market. At that time, no company was offering cheap and good internet. Due to the slow pace, people faced huge problems, but Jio has found a solution to take the telecom market to new heights. Earlier, 1GB data had to be given from 300 to had 400, but due to Jio, 1GB data is available for 4 to 5 rupees.

 This is a new offer, know:

 Although Jio's customers are looking very angry with Jio these days, but seeing angry customers, Jio company has made a new offer in the market. This new offer is made available by Jio Company through the Paytm payment application. Under this offer, if Jio customers offer a recharge of Pay 2199 through Paytm payment application, they can get cashback up to 2020.

 179 to 365 days:

 Jio company due to cashback, 2199 recharge offer only. Can be obtained for 179. Let us tell you that 365 days long validity…

Reliance Jio Infocomm is finally rolling out its connected car technology to the 15th edition of Auto Expo starting at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The telecom giant aims to become the first major telecom company in India to expand its market for connected cars, a highly competitive yet newly formed market worldwide.

 Jio has been discussing the importance of connected vehicles, especially in the context of IoT solutions for the last three years. According to the news, Jio has been developing its connected car technology for over a year at its campus in Navi Mumbai.

 Jio's rapid growth in 4G services and 5G launch soon will confirm its associated vehicle solutions. Experts swear that 5G, combined with more powerful computer chips, will bring the perfect time for IoT and edge computing in the near future. For telecom players, the connected device market seems like a natural expansion. Mukesh Ambani also called IoT a major growth engine for the company. On the other hand, slow car sales in India may be a cause of concern for the car solutions market targeted at end consumers.

 IoT technology has been one of the technical areas where most of the telecom companies are trying to apply in transportation, manufacturing, home automation etc. According to reports, Jio will showcase a vehicle tracking system for transport service and logistics players, and will play a role for connectivity, networks and technology for connected cars. In addition, the company is working on its enterprise solutions, cloud networks and hardware solutions, all of which will help create a powerful connected vehicle solution needed for scale in India.

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