Monday 23 March 2020

How to know how much money comes in the bank of gas subsidy account stream?

Ever since the Modi government came, something has happened in our country, one of the same is the Prime Minister Ujjwal Yojana which the Modi government had brought for the poor of the country. And even today its dominance continues. People from all over the country are taking advantage of this. O also in a very small amount.

 But in 2015, PM Modi ji appealed to give up the subsidy, so that many people attended their duty and so that the country is not dependent on energy imports. About 15 crore people use gas in the country and imagine what will happen to the economy of the country if the government keeps putting its money in the account of everyone's subsidy.

 But there are also sensible people in the country, due to which the country is running today, they have given up subsidy, almost crores of people who do good jobs are leaders, they have government jobs, they have taken part in increasing interest in this country. The easiest way is to watch a lot of videos on YouTube.

 How can bank account holder get account information?

 Now come the main issue is how the pay subsidy account holder should know about his account, how much money is coming in his account and how much is coming. So for this you have to follow the process easily, just search your gas name on any browser.

 Then click on the status first, then fill your details as if the name of the account is also the name of the account holder, you can take the information. If you still do not understand, then there are so many videos on Azal YouTube that you do not need to ask anywhere, there is a lot of knowledgeable people, what is the harm in taking a little knowledge on YouTube.

 The rest, I have put photos of whatever step they are, they can try something from it. And this is to say that today the world is struggling with the global epidemic, so take care of this, take care of yourself, keep your social contacts low. Get out of the house as much as possible and if you like the article, then follow Jai Hind.

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