Saturday 11 April 2020

Earn money with this Jio app! Lockdown period

People are imprisoned in their homes because of the lockdown caused by Corona. Smartphone has become the biggest support of people in lockdown. Someone is playing a game on mobile, then someone is watching a video on their phone. Due to this the consumption of internet data is also increasing considerably. If there is a lockdown then people cannot get out of the house due to which the number of online mobile recharge is increasing tremendously. If you also recharge online then there is good news for you.

 In fact, Reliance jio has launched the Jio POS Lite Community Recharge App in view of the problems faced by its users in recharging during lockdown. The special feature of this app is that through this app, anyone can become a jio partner and earn commission through recharge. No documents will be required for the registration of this app. So the latest mobile app of Jio can be downloaded from the Google Play store. You can recharge other jio numbers by becoming a partner of jio through this app. In return, the company will give a fixed amount of commission to the people.

 How can you take advantage of this app? To earn money through this app, you have to register yourself in Jio POS Lite. After that you will be asked to add an e-wallet. In this, you can add up to ₹ 500- ₹ 2000. And then if you recharge ₹ 100, the company will give you a commission of ₹ 4.16. Apart from this, this mobile app also allows people to save the recharge history of the last 20 days. There is no need for any physical verification to register in this app, nor any hardcopy of any document. However, this app will benefit those users who do not use online banking or any kind of digital wallet.

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