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Friday, 3 April 2020

'Pran' App can save your life, can be used for free

Jaipur: The whole country is fighting a battle to avoid the infection of Coronavirus. There is lockdown across the country. In such Surat medical services are also being affected, but to overcome this problem of common people, Doctor Sanjeev K Das, who works in State Insurance in Rajasthan, has developed a special mobile application.

 This app can save the lives of people in this hour of crisis and hence Dr. Sanjeev Das has named this mobile application 'Pran'. Dr. Das, posted in government service, has decided to give it to the country for free. Sanjeev Das has written a letter to the Union Health Ministry stating the merits of this app and the ministry has also started working on this app further.

 Dr. Sanjeev Das said that through this all the essential services of the medical sector such as government and private hospitals, all kinds of specialist doctors, medical stores, blood banks, ambulances and diagnostic centers have been provided on an integrated platform.

 He further said that in situations like lockdown and curfew, many times people face the problem of passing the pass, in such a case, it can also do the application of online application and online pass delivery to make the application pass. It is seen as an important need of the medical world. Doctor Das says that any individual institution doctor can use this app for free.

 Please tell that, there is a lockdown in Rajasthan since the last 22nd. At the same time, the number of coronavirus infections in the state is continuously increasing in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, the Corona investigation of 10 people among Indians from Iran has come up positive and 13 cases have been reported in Ramganj in a single day.

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