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Saturday, 4 April 2020

WHO said this big thing about Corona virus, let's know

Can the infection of COVID-19 be spread by actually burning or burying a dead man's deadbody with a coronavirus infection.

 When we consulted the WHO report and doctors on this, it got an answer, but before that the death of Corona in Kolkata and then the problems of the dead body were cremated.

 While the whole country is fighting with Corona, we are going to tell you about an incident which after listening you will be forced to think. In fact, a person named Sakash died of COVID-19 infection on Friday in Dhapa area of ​​Kolkata in West Bengal. After the death, when his body was being taken to the cremation ghat set by the government for the last rites, thousands of people thronged the entire area. Although the police also tried to stop these people but the people did not agree. People had to say that a corona deceased is infected and that the corona can be affected by the burning of its deadbody.

 Please tell that then DC Gaurav Lal of Kolkata Police was on the spot, he also pleaded with the people but the people of the area did not listen and started opposing continuously. Then the police tried a lot to control the situation but the police team could not pass in front of the huge crowd.


 It is important to discuss two topics here, first where the government is repeatedly urging the general public not to gather more than 5 people at one place and yet the people of our country are unable to understand this. The second biggest question is whether burning or burying the corona victim's deadbody is at risk of spreading the infection. And if there is danger, then how to cremate the deadbody of such people. To get an answer to this question, our Zee Media team saw the WHO report and spoke to the doctor.

 According to the WHO report, what if the deadbody of a person who got infected by corona is burnt?

 1. If the deadbody is burnt with an electric machine, wood or CNG, the fire temperature will be 800 to 1000 ° C while burning, so any virus will survive.

 2 . If the deadbody is 30 meters or more in the place of burial and the source of drinking water, then there will be no danger.

 To avoid direct contact of dead body fluids while moving dead body from isolation room or area in the WHO's Guidelines on 'Infection Prevention, Epidemic Control and Epidemic Infection in Health Care'. Proper use of personal protective equipment has been suggested.


 What are the guidelines:

 The WHO guidelines place great emphasis on the fact that COVID-19 does not spread by air, but rather through fine particles.

 The medical staff has been asked to shift the dead body of a man dead from infection with COVID-19 from the ward or isolation room with the precautions prescribed by the WHO.

 Use PPE when removing the carcass. PPE is a kind of 'medical suit', in which medical staff are advised to wear big glasses, N95 masks, gloves and aprons that cannot carry water.

 All tubes in the patient's body should be removed with great care. If there is a possibility of a wound or leakage of blood in any part of the dead body, it should be covered.

 Medical staff should ensure that no fluid is released from the dead body.

 The body should be kept in a plastic leak-proof bag. The bag should be disinfected with the help of one percent hypochlorite. Only then the dead body should be wrapped in a white sheet given by the family.

 Only family members should be given the dead body of a man who died due to COVID-19 infection.

 It is important to destroy the tubes and other medical equipment used in the treatment of corona virus infected man, the bags and sheets used to carry the dead body.

 Medical staff have received guidelines to give important information to the family of the deceased and work keeping in mind their feelings.

 Mortuary Guidelines:

 According to the Government of India, dead bodies infected with COVID-19 should be kept in a chamber whose temperature is around 4 ° C.

 The mortuary should be kept clean and there is no fluid on the floor.

 COBID-19 prohibits embedding of dead body infected i.e. after death, no coating can be applied to keep the dead body safe. It has been said that autopsy or autopsy of such a person should be done only when it is very important.

 After the removal of COVID-19 dead bodies from the mortuary, all the doors, floors and trolleys should be cleaned with sodium hypochlorite.

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