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Friday, 3 April 2020

YouTube will bring new feature to compete with TikTok

Right now Tick Talk is growing very quickly in the social media platform. In such a situation, YouTube is coming up with a new feature to completely compete with Tick Talk. In which users will be able to create shot videos just like Tick Talk. According to known information, this feature is being worked on and by the end of 2020 it will be launched for users. According to YouTube report, it will be known as "Short", YouTube wants to fight tough against Tick Talk.

 Tick ​​talk short video format launched shortly before has become so popular. In such a situation, YouTube is going to bring such an offer for its creators. It is believed that YouTube can also launch it like a mobile app. The report also stated that it would be on the form of a special feed. In which users will be able to create short video clips and can be included in the list. This will also benefit Google for large license music and songs through Clock. Which will be used to create creators. Now it is to be seen that this new feature and new app on YouTube can beat TickTalk or not, what new technology will be in it.

 For your information, let us know that Byte Dance launched the Tick Talk variant in China in the name of in 2016. In which videos from 3 to 60 seconds could be made. Byte dance later purchased and made it available to the public in 2018 after it was merged with Tik Tok. Since then it is very popular.

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