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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Amid Corona's dire situation, officials 'press conferences continue to close leaders' gatherings

Ahmedabad: The first case of Corona was reported in India on January 30, 2020, while in Rajkot it was reported on March 19 in Rajkot. Then the Gujarat government came into action. While only 2-4 cases of the day were being registered, the top officials of Gujarat were proud and only so many cases have been reported and all the preparations are in full swing in Gujarat. We were going to beat Corona.

 However, as Corona's temper flared, officials gradually withdrew their hands in their own way or under government pressure. The initiative was taken by the collectors of all the cities. The daily press conferences of the collectors of each city began to ask tough questions. After that, Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar gave information about the whole of Gujarat, State Police Chief Shivanand Jha gave information about the law and order of the state and Health oriented information was given by Principal Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi. However, none of the three officers are seen now.

 All the officers clasped their hands and feet like turtles
 Gujarat Health Front Secretary Jayanti Ravi's press conference used to be held on a daily basis but now it has almost been canceled. They haven’t come even once since last Saturday. The long-running press conference by the state police chief has now been shut down. The press conference of Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar has also been avoided for the last two days.

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