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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Big relief given by SBI, relief to pay EMI till August

New Delhi: On the one hand, the State Bank of India has shocked the people by slashing interest rates on deposits. On the other hand, it has announced relief to customers who have paid the EMI of the loan. The bank has taken this step to relieve people in lockdown due to Corona virus.

 SBI has taken this decision after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) asked it to extend the moratorium on a three-month loan. Now the bank is seeking permission to advance EMI by sending SMS to its customers.

 No celery cut, no layoffs, gifts given to HINDALCO to employees in the crisis of corona

 Relief will be available till August
 At present, bank customers will get relief by repaying the EMI of the loan for three months. RBI Governor Shaktikant Das has announced an additional 3-month exemption on EMI payments. This means that the bank will not put any pressure on you if you cannot pay the loan EMI for the next 3 months. Let me tell you that this exemption was given from March to May. Now the relief in EMI has been extended till August.

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