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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

CM Rupani's public address, these shops including Pan Masala shops got concessions

Gandhinagar: Some guidelines were set by the central government after the announcement of lockdown 4 of the corona virus across the country. On the other hand, it was left to the state government to make rules for some concessions by the central government. The new rules and concessions were discussed at a meeting held at the Chief Minister's residence in Gandhinagar today. CM Rupani is going to announce new rules and concessions in the state with Lockdown 4.

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 Addressing the people, CM Rupani said that the state government has decided on containment and non-containment zones as per the guidelines given by the Union Ministry of Health. All hotels except those used in the quarantine facility will be closed. Rickshaws are allowed in zones other than Ahmedabad and Surat. Rickshaws are allowed to seat 2 passengers. Shops, offices, businesses in Ahmedabad Sabarmati West area will be opened as per Odd Even.

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 No concessions will be given in the eastern area in the first phase. ST buses will be started in Gujarat but ST buses will not be allowed in Ahmedabad and Surat. 50 persons have been exempted for marriage. Pan masala has been given concessions outside the containment area. Concessions have been granted in Pan Masala shops with the permission to take away. Salons and beauty parlors are also discounted. Private trains have also been given concessions.

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 Taxis and rickshaws are not allowed in the eastern part of Ahmedabad. Home delivery people must have a health card. Hotels on the highway have been given concessions to restaurants. Private offices will be closed in the eastern part of Ahmedabad. Concession has been given to start textile market in Surat. Will be allowed to continue with 50 percent staff. Garages for all two wheeler / four wheeler repairs except the containment zone area will be allowed to operate. The entire guideline will be in force until May 31.

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 It may be mentioned here that on Sunday, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had said that concessions would be given outside the containment zone. Industries will be allowed to continue, as well as transportation will be allowed. City bus service and ST bus service will also be introduced with the implementation of social distances outside the state government containment zone. Which area will be turned on will be decided today (Monday).

Who will get the discount
 - Rickshaw and scooter drivers will also get concessions. But rules will be made today on how many passengers can be seated and for how long the rickshaw can be operated
 - Shops and offices will be allowed to continue outside the containment zone but its rules will be made today.
 - The restaurant will not be opened. Home delivery will also be allowed.

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