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Thursday, 14 May 2020

In the relief package, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made this big announcement for laborers and farmers

New Delhi: For the second day in a row, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is giving information related to a Rs 20 lakh crore relief package. A provision of Rs 35,000 crore has been made for 8 crore migrant laborers. Modi will provide foodgrains and pulses to the governments for two months. It will also provide free food to people without ration cards. In addition, Rs 4.22 lakh crore will be provided to three crore farmers in the country.

 The finance minister further said that the government would take new steps to increase the minimum wage. Companies will now conduct health checkups of employees. Labor will take big steps on reform.

 He said the government is constantly taking steps for farmers. There will be 9 big announcements under the second package. It will provide loans worth Rs 4.22 lakh crore to 3 crore farmers. The agri sector has given loans of Rs 86,600 crore. The interest on crop loans will continue to be discounted. 25 lakh new farmer credit card loans have been given.

 Migrant labor and urban poor: -

 The central government has provided Rs 11,000 crore in assistance to the Corona virus crisis. 11,000 crore in 2 months for the urban poor. Co. 29,500 crore to operative, regional banks.

 This will be a direct help after Kovid-19: -

 3.22 lakh crore will be provided to three crore farmers. The loan will be waived for three months. Repayment exemption on agricultural loans will continue from March 1 to May 31, 2020. 25 lakh new farmers will get credit card facility. Rs 25,000 crore has been sanctioned for this.

 6700 crore has been given to the states to buy crops. A rural fund of Rs 4,200 crore has been provided in March. 7200 new self help groups have been formed for the urban poor

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