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Sunday, 17 May 2020

Lockdown 4.0 will remain until May 31. However, some special concessions have been made

New Delhi: The government has issued guidelines for Lockdown 4.0. In this fourth phase lockdown, people have been given many kinds of concessions. Prime Minister Modi had earlier said in his address that Lockdown 4.0 would have a new look. The new rules increase exemptions to speed up economic activities. At the same time, various restrictions on the movement of people have been lifted.

 Prolonged lockdown will be such rules ...
 - Extended lockdown for a further 14 days
 - Guideline issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs
 - Places including hotels and restaurants will be closed
 - Instruction to close all types of school colleges
 - Facilities including metro and train will be closed
 - All religious places must be closed
 - No concessions in hotspot area
 - Restrictions on domestic and international flights
 - Curfew from 7 pm to 7 am as usual
 - Restrict where more people are likely to gather
 - However, the state government will decide which area to put in which zone
 - Home delivery can be done by the restaurant
 - Malls and multiplexes will be closed
 - The stadium will open but without spectators
 - Bus service exempted with social distance
 - Metro service ban unchanged
 - Facilities like gym and swimming pool should be closed
 - Curfew will remain in place from 7 pm to 7 am
 - No political and social gatherings of any kind can take place
 - All kinds of religious gatherings were also banned
 - The comings and goings of the necessities of life will remain the same
 - Elderly, children and pregnant women need not go out
 - Until the 31st, the lockdown with the old rules will remain largely unchanged
 - States can start transport by internal agreement if they want
 - State governments were given more power by the Center
 - Red, Orange and Green zones will determine the states and district systems
 - The infected areas of the corona will be divided into 5 zones
 - In addition to green, orange, red zones, there will also be buffer and containment zones
 - The state government will have the power to determine all these zones

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