Thursday 7 May 2020

PM Modi gave this message to the world on Buddha Purnima

New Delhi: Today the world is honoring the Corona Warriors, who are fighting a battle against the havoc of Corona virus released in the world. Under this, PM Modi attended an event on the occasion of Buddha Purnima today. Many big leaders of the world including PM were present in the program through video conferencing. During this time, Prime Minister Modi said that Lord Buddha gave the message of service to the world. In his address, Prime Minister Modi urged the whole world to come together in this hour of crisis, India will help all the needy in this time of crisis.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that this time the circumstances are different in front of the world, the world is going through difficult times. But in today's time, the preaching of Lord Buddha has become even more relevant. The Prime Minister said that it would be a privilege for me to be among you today. But the current situation does not allow this. India today is helping everyone by following in the footsteps of Lord Buddha.

 The Prime Minister said, "We stand with the world in the fight against Corona without worrying about profit and loss. He appealed to the people that we have to protect our family as well as our surroundings. Helping everyone in times of crisis is everyone's religion. In times of crisis many countries remembered India, and India also helped them. In such a situation, India's progress lies with the progress of the world. "

 A virtual event was organized on the occasion of Buddha Purnima to show respect to the Corona Warriors fighting against the corona virus released in the world. Many big leaders of the world participated in this program. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing this program said all these things. The Prime Minister also said that the world has changed today. But Lord Buddha's message has not changed. He said that Buddha is not limited to any one situation, he gives a message to help everyone under humanity.

 The Prime Minister said, "Today in many parts of the country and in the world, people are serving their own way, whether it is to control traffic, rule the law, treat the sick, everyone can serve on their behalf Has been doing. Today all people are dedicated to this day. With concerted efforts, we will be able to defeat Corona. "

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