Wednesday 6 May 2020

State News Relief news for electricity consumers

The state is currently experiencing scorching heat. At the same time there has been an increase in the case of Corona. That is when the government made an important decision for power consumers. There is news of relief for millions of power consumers in the state. Fuel surcharges levied on consumers by state-owned power companies have been reduced. Fuel surcharge has been reduced by 16 paise per unit by power companies.

News of relief for millions of power consumers in the state
Energy Minister Saurabh Patel said the government’s decision would provide relief of Rs 310 crore to more than 1.30 crore consumers in the state. Fuel surcharge collection during the previous quarter i.e. January to March 2020 was 2.06 paise per unit. But now after a reduction of 16 paise, a surcharge of Rs 1.90 per unit will be levied during the April-June 2020 quarter.

Yellow on 6th and Orange Alert on 7th to 9th May
The heat is increasing day by day in Gujarat. That’s when the weather department issued a yellow and orange alert for the next five days. A yellow alert has been issued on May 6 and an orange alert has been issued on May 7-9, meaning that the temperature in Ahmedabad will be 4 to 5 degrees. While in different districts of the state, the temperature will drop by one to two degrees.

Ahmedabad will also get partial relief from the heat
The state is experiencing scorching heat amidst the Corona drought. So in some parts of Saurashtra, non-seasonal rains have increased the problem. The meteorological department has forecast no rain in the next five days. Apart from this, Ahmedabad will also get partial relief from the heat. Following which a yellow alert has been declared in Ahmedabad for the next two days. When the Orange Alert is issued three days later. Different districts of Gujarat will see a general drop in temperature

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