p Will the lockdown increase after May 17? There will be a hint from PM Modi's work tomorrow GTPADHIYAR: Will the lockdown increase after May 17? There will be a hint from PM Modi's work tomorrow

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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Will the lockdown increase after May 17? There will be a hint from PM Modi's work tomorrow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting with state chief ministers tomorrow amid a growing outbreak of the corona virus in the country. The meeting will be held at 3 pm through video conferencing to discuss various issues related to corona virus in the country. The third phase of lockdown in the country is till May 17.

 It is believed that the meeting will decide on the next strategy for the lockdown and only then will it decide whether to increase it or not. Many states are in favor of increasing it.

It is believed that the main focus of the meeting this time will be on boosting economic activities. On Saturday, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gaba held two consecutive meetings to discuss areas where the lockdown could be opened after May 17.

 The number of patients is constantly increasing

 The lockdown has been extended twice across the country due to increased coronavirus infection. The number of corona positive patients in India is still increasing. In this situation, the concern before the common people of the country is whether the lockdown will continue even after May 17.

 Union Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan said the decision would be taken after considering several factors on whether the lockdown would proceed due to the corona virus. He said the Prime Minister was talking to the chief ministers of all the states on the issue of lockdown and coronavirus cases. They are often doing video conferencing. When the Chief Ministers' analysis of the states reaches the Prime Minister, he will take a decision after consulting experts.

The Ministry of Health as well as two government agencies AIIMS and ICMR have indicated that the situation of corona infection in the country could become catastrophic if the lockdown ends after May 17. These organizations say that now the relaxation in the lockdown will be like suicide.

 The director of AIIMS has even said that most corona cases are yet to come out in India. He said the biggest crisis would come in June-July. The lockdown will be decided only after consulting an expert. The health minister also said that PM Modi would take a decision in the interest of 135 crore people of the country. The final decision on whether the lockdown will increase will only come on May 15-16.

 A big sign that the lockdown will not be completed is the return of migrant workers. According to an estimate, only 2.5 lakh laborers have reached their homes in the country. While 14 million people in the country work as migrant laborers.

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