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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Chinese short-video making app Tick Talk announced this big

Chinese short-video making app Tick Talk (TikTok) has announced that Tick Talk will no longer be able to read text written on the Apple iPhone clipboard. That is, the Tick Talk app will not have automatic access to the consumer clipboard.

 Tick ​​Talk told The Telegraph that it would prevent consumers from staring at the clipboard. Let us know, Tick-Tock spies the clipboard of iPhone. Apple's new iOS 14 beta feature has revealed that the tick-talk app keeps accessing the iPhone's clipboard in the background. Apple recently released an iOS 14 update featuring several privacy features. After this, this statement has come from tick-talk.

 The report states, "An Apple security patch has revealed how many smart phone app users are reading the clipboard on the screen each time." The new iOS 14 beta feature reveals which app is accessing the background. Also, if a third party app will access the clipboard, a pop-up will appear on the screen. Explain that the copied text or other content on the clipboard is temporarily stored. Apart from the iPhone, this feature is also present in many Android smartphones.

 Watch the screen recording of Burge here
 The Chinese company said that TikTok was triggered by a feature designed to identify spam behavior. We have already given an updated version of the App Store, removing the anti-spam feature to eliminate any possible confusion. Reportedly, other apps that read the iOS clipboard include AcuWeather, Call of Duty Mobile and even Google News. IOS-14 is now limited to developers and the company plans to release a public beta version next month before launching next year. In iOS 14, all apps will be required to obtain user permission before tracking.

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