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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Create a product that is 'Make in India' and 'Made for the World': PM Modi

New Delhi: Wishing the 125th anniversary of CII, PM Narendra Modi said that man finds a solution to every problem. The aim is to save the lives of the countrymen, to boost the economy. Online events are becoming more common in the Corona period.

 PM Narendra Modi said, "India is in a better position than the rest of the world. A self-reliant India is our highest priority. We will regain the growth rate. Unlock 1 will reopen the economy. I have faith in the farmers and industrialists of India. "

 He further said, "The Prime Minister has helped the poor through the Garib Kalyan Yojana. 80 million gas cylinders have been given free to the poor. Now the farmers are getting their rights. India has taken the right steps at the right time. Ration to 74 crore beneficiaries. For us, reform means taking tough action. "

 PM Modi said, "Leaving the lockdown behind, India has entered Unlock 1.0. Have faith in India's capabilities and its crisis management system." We will definitely achieve our growth rate. We have to take strict measures to fight the Corona virus and at the same time take steps to monitor the economy.

 PM Modi said, "India has hope for the world. We are constantly reducing imports. Has produced millions of PPEs in three months. The country is on a new path of development today. Small businesses are the engine of the country's economy. India has the potential and the talent. "

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