Wednesday 10 June 2020

FACEBOOK files case against Indian company, could face fines of crores

New Delhi: Social site Facebook has filed a case against an Indian company. The Mumbai-based company has been accused of using Facebook's name to commit fraud. The company is accused of using 12 such domain names.

 What is the case?
 A case has been filed in a Virginia court against a Mumbai-based company, according to a statement released by Facebook. Mumbai-based company Compass Domain Solutions Pvt Ltd has created 12 domains that match the name of Facebook. The complaint alleges that the Indian company may have committed fraud and embezzlement in the name of Facebook.

 Experts in the case say that the Indian company has registered a domain name with a name similar to Facebook. It has sites like, and It seems that these sites are designed to defraud people.

 Let me tell you that Facebook examines all sites and domains associated with its name on the Internet. The company also filed a lawsuit against an Arizona company in March this year. This local company also created a site that is similar to Facebook.

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