Thursday 11 June 2020

Need to be a vocal for locals, medicine for trouble: PM Modi

New Delhi: PM Modi addressed a program of the Indian Chambers of Commerce. In his address, he said that the way forward will be decided only by the power of resolve. Today the country is facing many challenges. The medicine of trouble is strength. Difficult times come with opportunity. The whole world is fighting against Covid 19 and India is not far behind. But every countryman is now working with the will to turn this calamity into an opportunity. PM Modi appealed to the countrymen and the business community that this is the right opportunity to become self-reliant in the area where India is lagging behind. "It simply came to our notice then.

 PM Modi said, "India's fight against Korona is very big. Every countryman is full of determination. Disaster has to be turned into opportunity. There is an opportunity to become self-reliant. The Koro crisis is a major turning point for the country. To take the self-reliant India campaign forward. India is on its feet. Those who give up do not get a chance. '

 In his address, the Prime Minister said, "It is time to become a vocalist for the locals. Young people come forward in the development of the country. There is a need to increase the use of indigenous goods. Our effort is to empower farmers. Start a self-help lesson with your family. Buy goods from small shopkeepers. We have to think about how India can become a big exporter.

 PM Modi said that every Indian today will have a question in his mind that I wish we become self-sufficient in the field of making medical devices. I wish we could be self-sufficient in coal and mineral sector. I wish we could move forward in oil production. I wish India would become self-sufficient in the production of fertilizers. I wish India would become self-sufficient in the field of electronic manufacturing. India is flying its flag in the manufacture of solar panels and chips. India becomes self-sufficient in aviation. Only then will we be able to move forward. He said how many shakes shake every Indian. In the last 5-6 years, India's goal of self-reliance has been paramount. The Corona crisis has taught him a lesson in making things brighter. The lesson of self-reliant India campaign has been learned from this.

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