Friday 5 June 2020

No money for any new scheme this year, find out what the government's decision is

New Delhi: The Center is gearing up to save the country from a possible economic crisis due to the Corona virus epidemic and lockdown. With the intention of reducing its own spending, the government has decided not to spend money on any new schemes this year. Under the order issued by the finance ministry, money can be obtained only for certain schemes.

 The order was issued by the finance ministry
 According to media reports, the finance minister has issued an order to all the ministries. Under it, no new scheme will be approved this year. The central government has decided not to spend money on any scheme. The Ministry of Finance has stopped the launch of new schemes by various ministries and departments for the next 8 months i.e. till March 2021.

 Only two plans will get the money
 There are already fears of economic losses due to the lockdown. In it, the finance ministry has made it clear that the central government will provide money only under the poor welfare package and the self-reliance campaign package. The finance ministry has requested all ministries not to make any plans in the 2020-21 financial year that are likely to cost 6 paise.

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