Tuesday 9 June 2020

Standard 10 Result: Surat first with 74.66%, 350 students got A1 grade

Surat: 60.64% result of Std-10 has been declared. Surat city ranks first with 74.66 percent. Due to which an atmosphere of happiness has been seen in the students and schools of Surat. 350 students from Surat have secured A1 grade. However, the number of students getting A1 grade has decreased compared to last year. Surat leads in A1 grade in all of Gujarat. Students from Surat said that maths and English have made the students cry. So that they have got less marks in both the papers.

 Pooja Ramani of Surat has brightened the name of Surat city by getting 99.97 percentile. She said she would get up at 6 a.m. every morning to do the revision. In a Zee 24-hour conversation, he said he avoided going to any events during the year. The role of her teachers and parents has been important in her good results. He wants to go ahead and become a doctor. At the same time, he said, the students have been hit hard in English and Maths papers.

 So another student Ghewadia Abhi got 99.99 percentile. Ghewadia Abhi, who got a good percentile, has very different ideas. “I have a lot of lines to go forward in my career,” he said. But I want to work for the country. So I would choose a career that would serve the country. I used my mobile very little during the board exams. As well as restrained from going out with friends. Since I was interested in teaching, I focused only on the study, which resulted in me.

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