Monday 1 June 2020

There are 5 big changes happening today, which you need to know

New Delhi: June is going to be an important month for all of us. From June 1 your life will come with some rules. Learn the important things that can affect your life this month between corona virus infections.
 200 special trains of Indian Railways starting from today
 Indian Railways has recently been operating labor and special trains. From June 1, the Ministry of Railways announced the launch of 200 trains. All these trains have started from today. Trains have been running continuously since morning.

 One Nation-One Card will be launched
 The One Nation One Ration Card scheme is being fully implemented for ration cards across the country from June 1. Currently, the scheme will be launched in 20 states. The benefit of this scheme is that if the ration card is issued in any state, it can be used to buy rations in another state as well. This will greatly benefit the poor.

 GoAir's flight will start
 Low budget airline Go Air is also going to start its flights from June 1. Other companies have launched it from May 25, but GoAir has announced a date for it. Air travelers will have to follow many new rules in flight.

 Rise in petrol prices
 Petrol and diesel prices are going to go up in many states of the country from June 1. Mizoram, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh have announced VAT hikes. Although petrol and diesel prices change every morning at six o'clock, there has been no change in the last three days.

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