Saturday 27 June 2020

This course can be done after 12th from Arts, future will be golden

People generally believe that students studying arts to 12th have very few options to make a better future, whereas in reality this is not so. Students who have passed 12th with the subject of Arts also have many such course options for further studies, which can make their future golden.

 If you have studied 12th in Arts and are confused as to which course to do? So don't worry. We have brought a solution to your problem. Here we are telling you about some such excellent courses, by which students who pass 12th with Arts can shape their future.

 BALLB / CLAT - You can do this course after completing 12th standard from Arts. It is a 5-year course. After completing this, you get the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law. After this course you can make a career in advocacy. A firm can join as consultants. Also, after this course, doors can also be opened for PCSJ exam, which depends on your studies and preparation. By passing CLAT exam, you can get admission in the best law universities and colleges in the country.

 NDA - By giving NDA exams after 12th, you can choose a better life. It requires vigor as well as vigor. Children with arts are eligible for the Army in the NDA. So next time whenever you get a chance to fill its form, do an eligibility check and apply in it. It does not irrigate at all that only students with science can fill it.

 AIR Force - For the children of Arts Background, there is the examination of AIR FORCE Y group which selects the ground duty non-technical airman.

 Avenues for government jobs open after 12th from arts

 Students doing 12th arts can choose the path of government job. For this, you have to prepare for competitive exam. Students of Arts 12th can prepare from Army to Banking exams. The preparation of SSC, RRB, IBS and Insurance exam for the clerk's job is also covered.

 Language Honors- This course gives a chance to the golden future for students doing 12th Arts. Many universities in the country offer honors degrees in language courses. After doing honors in a foreign language, you will get many good job opportunities. Apart from this, you can work independently as a translator. Overall, you can earn a lot of money after doing language honors.

 Event Management - Demand of event management professionals is increasing continuously in the country. Students who have passed 12th from Arts can take admission in the degree course in Event Management. This course is of three years duration.

 BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts is a three-year graduation course. If you are fond of painting, music, dance or photography and want to do something different, then you can take admission in this course.

 Journalism and Mass Communication- Students doing 12th Arts can also do this course. If you are fond of writing and want to do something new, then take admission in it.

 BBA- If you want to make a career in the field of management, then you can do BBA. This is a three-year graduation course. After this you can do MBA. Demand for management professionals is increasing. In such a situation, doing this course will also be beneficial. However, people have such a concept that only students of commerce can do BBA, whereas it is not. Arts student can also do BBA.

 Students who have passed 12th with Arts can pursue their future by doing BSW-Bachelor of Social Work course. After this three-year Bachelor course, you can do MSW, ie Master of Social Work. There is a lot of demand for those doing social work courses. They get jobs in NGOs on good salary.

 Can also do this course

 Students from 12th Arts can also take courses like Disaster Management, Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism, Wildlife Photography, Jewelery Designing and Graphic Designing.

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