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Thursday, 4 June 2020

You don't have to come to cities for jobs, the big factories of the country will set up their own plants in the villages

New Delhi: Until now, one had to stay in the country's metros or big cities to get a job in a big company. However, the days are not far away when living in villages will fulfill the dream of getting a job in a big company. Such a situation will be created after the lockdown opens. Workers no longer have to move to the city and spend their lives in huts. The big companies will reach the villages themselves.

 There will be rural urban rebellion
 Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Uday Kotke, the new president of the Confederation of Indian Industries, said, "Now there is no flight from rural to Arab but reverse migration is taking place." On the one hand there will be rural urban rebellion. He will now be able to find employment around the house and live with his family. They will be exempted from living in slum areas in cities.

 Large companies will set up factory
 Uday Kotak says that now even big companies are seriously considering setting up factories in villages. CII as an industry organization is pushing it forward. It is seen that the government is taking a number of reforms at the moment and the infrastructure in the rural areas is being built in such a way that there will be no problem in working from there.
 Skilled laborers will be found only in the villages
 He says that at present millions of highly skilled people have fled the cities to the villages. That is why the people who set up factories around the villages should have no shortage of skilled artisans. These can be rescheduled if needed. Something more can be done to give them special training.

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