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Saturday, 25 July 2020

During the lockdown, the daily usage of mobile data in Gujarat reached 2.30 crore GB

Ahmedabad. Mobile data usage in Gujarat has increased by 21% due to the lockdown that Corona is trying to control. According to data provided by the country's leading telecom company, an average of 19,000 terabytes (TB) of mobile 4G data was consumed daily in March. Consumption rose 4,000 TB to 23,000 TB (23 million GB) in April after the lockdown. This average was also maintained in May and June. Vodafone Idea's Chief Technology Officer Vishant Vora said the growth in mobile data usage was even higher than the year-on-year growth in the week following the lockdown.

 Consumption has also increased in villages
 "We have seen an increase in internet demand from every part of the country, including rural India," said Vishant Vora. Earlier in the day, data consumption was high in commercial or office areas. But traffic from residential dwellings remains high. Because people live indoors and use more data.

 Work from home increased data consumption
 According to telecom experts, most people were at home during this time. The use of mobile data has suddenly increased due to working class people working from home. Things like office work, meetings are the main ones in this. At the same time, the use of data for online education of children increased as the school closed.

 Increased use of mobile data by women
 According to a telecom expert, many women, mostly housewives and young people, have turned to the OTT platform due to the closure of TV serials on entertainment channels, which has led to an average daily 22,800-23,000 TB of mobile data usage during April-June. Was. The amount of video calling to connect with the family has also increased which has led to increased data usage.

 The number of mobile subscribers dropped in April
 The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has a few days ago released the April subscriber figures for mobile subscribers. Accordingly, the number of mobile subscribers in Gujarat has decreased by 11.17 lakh. 6.68 crore mobile subscribers were registered in April against 6.79 crore subscribers in March this year.

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