Wednesday 1 July 2020

Mitron app has been downloaded more than 10 million times, what will happen to TikTok ...?

The number of downloads of the Mitron App has crossed 1 crore. So far more than one crore people have downloaded this app. Mitron has surfaced as an alternative to the Chinese app TikTok. At the moment, the Mitron app is getting tremendous benefit from anti-Chinese sentiment.

 However, after removing the shortcomings of this app, it has been re-listed on the Play Store and so far more than one crore people have downloaded it. Friends Company CEO Shivank Aggarwal has announced this in his press note.

 Section 1: Steps to download and use the Mitron App
 Step 1: Search Mitron Shopkiller Ecommerce by going to Google Play Store and iOS search ...

 Step 2: Install and open this app ...

 Step 3: Click on the profile button and log in via Facebook and Google ..

 After this your account will be created. After that you can see the numbers of followers and hearts in your profile. You can also see people who have followed you in this.

 Step 4: After downloading, you can access the video library, and scroll through to see different videos.

 Section 2: How to make and post a video
 Step 1: Click on the video button and create a video.

 Step 2: Now choose between primary and secondary camera.

 Step 3: Click the music button and add sound to it.

 Step 4: Press and hold and press record button and shoot a video. Apart from this, if you already have a video in your phone, then you can also download it directly. Once the video is uploaded, you can watch the video.

 Step 5: You need to enter some description for your video.

 Step 6: Now you can post the video by clicking on the check button.

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