Monday 6 July 2020

PM Modi gave this challenge to the youth, announcing prizes up to Rs 20 lakh

PM Modi has launched the Self-Reliable India Innovation Challenge, one more step towards a digital India and a self-reliant India. PM Modi announced the challenge by tweeting. The Digital India Self-Sufficient India Innovation Challenge has been launched under the Policy Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Atal Innovation Mission. Under this challenge you will have to develop mobile games, social media and photo video editing apps. You can get a maximum prize of Rs 20 lakh in this challenge. The motto of this challenge is: Make in India for India and the World

Categories of the self-reliant India Innovation Challenge

 Office Productivity and Work from Home

 Social networking



 Health and wellness

 Agritech and Fintech



 Sub categories of Self-Reliant India Innovation Challenge

A facial recognition / body mapping app so people can try out virtual clothing matching and spectacle frames before they buy

 Real Time Speech to Speech Translation and Camera Translation App

 Mobile app for cloud email

 Image scanning, image editing and text recognition app

 An app that facilitates cloud storage as well as transfers

 Anti-virus app for mobile devices

 Cache clearing app in mobile devices

 Mobile app for video conferencing

 App for messaging and video calling

 App for micro blogging

 News app from machine learning

 Mapping App

 Mobile based online gaming platform

 Lens photo editing app with all features

Highlights of the Self-Reliant India Innovation Challenge


 Application deadline: 18 July 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

 Application Screening: 20-24 July

 Evaluation by the jury: July 27 to August 3

 Announcement of the winner: 7 August

 Prizes in the categories of the Self-reliant India Innovation Challenge

 First prize: Rs. 20 lakhs

 Second prize: Rs 15 lakh

 Third prize: Rs 10 lakh

 Prizes in the subcategories of the Self-reliant India Innovation Challenge

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