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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Trump launches Facebook-Insta campaign against Tiktok, praises India for banning China apps

The United States may soon make a final decision on the Tiktok ban. President Donald Trump is campaigning against Facebook and Instagram. It said the Chinese app was spying on American citizens. A few days ago, Trump spoke of thinking about banning Tiktok.
 India last month banned 59 Chinese apps. American NSA Robert O'Brien and the Secretary of State praised India's tough measures.

 What's in Trump's ad campaign?
 New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz was the first to share information about Trump's anti-Tiktok campaign on his Twitter handle. The tagline of the campaign is - Tiktok spies on you. It further states that American citizens have a right to privacy.

 Two marks with one arrow
 When users go to a link with this ad, it is also surveyed there. It asks: Do you think Trump should ban tic-tac-toe in America? With this question, users are also requested to donate for Trump's election campaign.

 Is this a game of getting donations?
 According to the American website Mashabel, Tiktok is a new social media company through which Trump wants to get donations. Earlier, Snapchat and Twitter were accused of trying to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. Social media companies have already targeted Trump's Republican Party.

 So what's new with Tiktok?
 Experts view Tiktok's case differently, as suspicions and suspicions are growing that China is spying on these countries through Tiktok, not just in the US or India, but in many countries around the world. Therefore, it is being associated with nationalism. It is being said that Tiktok or another Chinese application is sending user data to China and this is a big threat to national security.

 Tiktok is hiding the truth
 When banned in India, the company said it did not share user data, but Mashabel's report claims otherwise. Accordingly, Tiktok operators in the US have stated that they do not share user data with anyone else and have been asked to do so. On the other hand, a Chinese law of 2017 states - if the Chinese government wants, it can ask these companies to provide user data for national security reasons. That is, Tiktok is doing two things.

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