p Vijay Rupani is my aunt, 'said a young man in Rajkot GTPADHIYAR: Vijay Rupani is my aunt, 'said a young man in Rajkot

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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Vijay Rupani is my aunt, 'said a young man in Rajkot

A strange case has come up in Rajkot. CM Rupani has been named in a case of tongue-twisting with a young woman. In Rajkot, a young woman's bicycle was hit by a young man. After which the youth said with a sigh that the Chief Minister is my uncle and the police officers are my father's friends. Thus, the case of Rajkot is currently under discussion.

 According to the information received, this is the case on Nirmala Road in Rajkot. In Rajkot, a video of a young man insulting a young woman by naming the Chief Minister and a high-ranking police officer has gone viral. In the video, the young man is saying that his name is Parth Jasani. At the same time, Vijay Rupani is my aunt. Claiming to have an identity in the police, the youth has insulted the girl. Attempts are made to stop the young man, but he does not stop. The young man who utters profanity also says that if I have an acquaintance with the police, you will get in trouble. And D.C.P. He is also revealing in the video that senior police officers are his relatives. Attendees tried to calm the driver down, but he became more agitated and forced the girl to apologize.

 As soon as the video went viral, the police commissioner ordered an immediate probe. On the other hand, it is being discussed that the Chief Minister's Office has also taken serious note of this. Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal also took the incident seriously and started searching for the person seen in the video. Within hours, police nabbed a man named Parth Jasani, who lives on Nirmala Road. Parth Jasani, who threatened the girl, is studying in the third year in the medical field. The youth was brought to the police station and made aware of the law.

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