Wednesday 26 August 2020

541 crore in CM relief fund, 132 crore spent

A sum of Rs 541 crore has been deposited in the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund following the government's call on the backdrop of the Koro epidemic. However, as on August 3, only Rs 132 crore has been spent. Right to Information Activist Abhay Kolarkar had filed an application seeking information in this regard. Kolarkar asked questions mainly related to Nagpur district.

 Milind Kapadi, Public Relations Officer, Chief Minister's Office, while responding to the petition, gave details of the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund. Accordingly, about Rs 541 crore was deposited and Rs 132.3 crore was spent. Rs 1.2 crore has been provided to the Nagpur District Collector's Office for measures related to Kovid. From the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund, Rs 20 crore has been given to St. George's Hospital, Mumbai, Rs 1.07 crore each to Ratnagiri District Hospital and Jalna District Hospital. The government's reply also clarified that Rs 8 crore has been provided to the families of the 16 victims who fell under the railways at Jalna. The question was also asked in the information application as to what has helped a hospital in Nagpur to fight Kovid. However, no help was provided, the reply said.

 Kolarkar had demanded that the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund be named after those who helped. Donors have been named, citing a lack of staff in Covid's background. Also the information received from the government does not have the names of the donors. There is only a check number. Milind Kapadi has clarified that finding a name from it is a very tedious task.

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