Wednesday 12 August 2020

Cannot refill at petrol pump as per profit. Rules applicable for petrol-diesel, bike, car, truck.

The Mizoram government has set a limit on how much petrol-diesel each vehicle can buy at petrol pumps in the state. Restrictions and measures taken by the Corona virus have led to a decline in petrol and diesel stocks in the state, prompting the state government to take action. The rule will be applicable for bikes, cars, trucks and every vehicle will get petrol-diesel as per the prescribed limit.

Supply trucks stuck in the road due to corona

Officials said the reason for the declining stock of petrol-diesel in the state is that trucks carrying petroleum are stuck on the road due to the corona virus. So that the current stock will be given to each person in the limit.

Different rules for different vehicles for fuel proofing

The government has set a limit of 3 liters for scooters, 5 liters for other two-wheelers, 10 liters for light motor vehicles, 20 liters for pickup trucks, mini trucks and gypsies as well as 100 liters for medium trucks and buses.

Permission to provide sufficient fuel to vehicles transporting essential goods

Adequate fuel is allowed for moving trucks to transport grain as well as essentials. It is not possible to go to the petrol pump with a can or a bottle. There were several petrol pumps in the state which ran out of fuel on Tuesday morning..

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