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Saturday, 29 August 2020

Degree cannot be obtained without passing final year / semester exams, understand Supreme Court order with simple Q&A

The Supreme Court on Friday pronounced its verdict on the college's final year / semester examinations. The court upheld the UGC's July 6 guideline. This means that states have to conduct final year / semester examinations before September 30. The state government can avoid the exam but the decision will be taken by the UGC. It has already been decided that students will not be promoted to higher classes without passing the exam. There is a lot of confusion among the students after this decision, to remove which we are presenting the situation created by the Supreme Court as Q&A.

 First of all, what is this whole controversy?

 There have been lockdowns across the country since March to rescue in the Corona epidemic. School-colleges have been closed since then. Exams could not be held in many colleges. Final year / semester examinations could not be held.

 Some states and students want the exams to be canceled due to fear of corona. Promotion is given on the basis of internal assessment or performance of previous years. UGC has also agreed.

 But the controversy started again about the final year / semester exams. Degrees cannot be awarded without taking an examination as per UGC rules. The UGC then issued the guideline on 6 July. States and universities are asked to conduct final year / semester examinations before September 30.

 In Maharashtra, all examinations in colleges under the National Disaster Management Act have been canceled. The controversy escalated when it came against UGC guidelines. Then some students also reached the Supreme Court against the decision of the state government.

 What does the Student / Teacher Association have to say?

 Taking the exams of the students in view of the epidemic of corona is like putting their lives in danger. It will affect their right to life. The UGC did not address local conditions in its guidelines.

 Classes could not be held due to epidemic and lockdown. In these circumstances when classes are not taken and taking exams is an irrational decision.

 Many students of final year / semester examinations have cleared job interviews and taken admission in higher courses. In these circumstances they should be given the certificate as soon as possible so that their future is secured.

 What was the rationale of UGC and state government?

 In fact, in each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " UGC's Law and Disaster Management Act. Maharashtra had decided to promote students by canceling exams under the Disaster Management Act.

 The UGC said its decision would be final when it comes to higher education in the country. Under the Disaster Management Act, the State Disaster Management Authority will not be able to interfere in their official decisions.

 What did the Supreme Court say after hearing these arguments?
 The Supreme Court said the State Disaster Management Authority has the right to postpone exams, but does not have the right to promote students by canceling exams.
 States and Union Territories may talk to the UGC about extending the September 30 deadline. The final decision will be up to the UGC to decide whether to allow the deadline to be extended.

 .... so won't exams be held in Maharashtra too

 Will definitely. The UGC guideline announced by the Supreme Court in July will also be kept stable. It has also been said that no one will be given a degree without an examination. They will not be promoted.

 If the state government does not conduct the examination before September 30 after this decision, it will be considered as contempt of the Supreme Court. UGC will not award that degree to the student, this is good for them too.

 602 out of 818 universities in the country have completed, or were about to complete their final year / semester examinations when the lockdown was felt. In these circumstances, it does not seem that any relief will be given by the UGC in the September 30 deadline.

 Is it possible to take the exam from home?

 Certain can be given. The UGC has allowed universities to conduct examinations in offline, online or blended mode. That means, there is no need to go to the exam center.

 Home-based exams can also be taken on the basis of online proctoring. Delhi University is taking open book exam, which has benefited the students.

 The decision on how to take the exam will be taken by the university. Even if the students want to take the exam online but if the university wants to do the offline or center exam then it will be done accordingly.

 What will happen if admission is done abroad?
 The good thing is that admission has been obtained on the basis of old performance, but it is good for the institution to state that the Supreme Court has made the final year / semester examinations compulsory.
 New admission will be held till the result of final year examinations. Don't try to hide the information, because every student in the country or abroad will ask for a certificate.

 What will happen now? When are the exams?
 The UGC has said that the deadline is September 30. Universities have to complete the final year / semester examinations by then. But your state can also appeal for an extension. The UGC's decision will then be final.

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