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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

In China, a catastrophe that has not occurred in 100 years, the days of starvation for the Chinese will come

China, which has plunged the world into a Corona epidemic, is now witnessing a flood. Millions have been made homeless, scenes of destruction are everywhere. Efforts are being made to move people to safer places. The crop is completely damaged. Which will affect the common people of China.

This time the floods in China have broken the records of the last few decades. The torrential rains started from the month of May. About 400 small and large rivers overflowed the Yangtze. As the month of June approached, floods hit many areas. The rains continue amidst the floods.

About 60 million people have been affected by the floods in the Yangtze River area alone. About 1.5 crore acres of crops have been damaged. Grain damage is not enough. As the fields are still submerged in the month of August, the next season of sowing the crop is also in danger. According to China's Ministry of Emergency Management, the floods have caused billions of dollars in damage so far.

China's economy is suffering because of the Corona virus. In such a situation this loss of grain is likely to injure it. There has been a shortage of grain in China for some time now. For this reason, China had to increase its grain imports.

China buys most of its grain from countries like the US, Australia, Canada and Japan. China’s tensions with these countries have increased over the past few months. One fear is that amid rising tensions, grain exports to countries like the US or even China could fall sharply and heavy import duties could be imposed.

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