Thursday 13 August 2020

In this scheme of Modi government, now farmers can also apply for money on the death of animals

In this scheme of Modi government, now farmers can also apply for money on the death of animals

For farmers, livestock and farming are their only source of income. The farmer insures the crop to protect it from damage caused by any natural calamity, but often does not even think about livestock insurance, which is considered the basis of farming. The death of an animal due to an illness, weather or accident is more damaging to a farmer. The government has a livestock insurance scheme to pay for losses due to animal deaths. This is a centrally sponsored scheme which has also been implemented in 100 selected districts of the country. The scheme is being implemented regularly in 300 selected districts of the country.

A large portion of the premium is borne by the Central or State Government

If we talk about the price of milking cows and buffaloes, nowadays the price of a good milking buffalo is more than one lakh rupees. So if we talk about horses and camels, their value is in lakhs of rupees. It is therefore imperative that livestock be insured as with other goods.

Each state is different

It may be mentioned that the state government from time to time comes up with different schemes for animal insurance. In particular, a large portion of the premium for animal insurance is borne by the central or state government. Animal insurance premiums and coverage amounts also vary from state to state. For example, in Uttar Pradesh, the premium for 50 thousand insurance coverage of cows or buffaloes ranges from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 depending on the breed of the animal.

Learn how to insure animals

Farmers will have to provide information for insurance at their district veterinary clinic to get their livestock insured. A health certificate will be issued when the veterinarian is in good health.

The veterinarian and the insurance company's agent will go to the farmer's house and check the health of the animal.

The animal's ears will be tagged by the insurance company while insuring the animal.

The farmer also takes a photo with his animal. The policy is then announced.

Under the scheme, insurance is taken at the current market price of domestic / hybrid dairy cattle and buffaloes. Insurance premiums are subsidized up to 50 per cent. The entire cost of the grant will be borne by the Central Government. The benefit of the grant is limited to 2 animals per beneficiary and one animal is insured for a maximum period of 3 years.

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