Sunday 30 August 2020

Organizers pressure government to allow Navratri festival, govt to take final decision based on Corona’s condition

File photo of Garba Mahotsav: After pressure from the organizers, the state government also started debating whether to approve it in the coming days.

While the government is also being pressured by various Navratri organizers to allow the world’s largest dance festival and Gujarat’s largest Navratri festival, the government is likely to reconsider Navratri in view of the situation in Gujarat. On the issue of approving the upcoming nine-day Navratri festival in the coming days amid the Corona situation in Gujarat, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said, “No decision has been taken on Navratri at present, a few days ago.” Earlier, it had also banned the celebration of Ramzan Eid, Rathyatra, Janmashtami and Ganeshotsav.

( 500 and 2000 notes: Check, RBI is also in tension)

Surabhi Group of Rajkot announced Navratri celebrations as per the guideline

Presentation of the organizers to the BJP state president regarding the approval of Navratri
With Navratri starting from October 17, the organizers are pushing for the approval of Navratri. In which the organizers associated with Navratri made a presentation to the BJP state president at the BJP’s state office Kamalam today about the approval of Navratri, while the Navratri organizers in Rajkot have even made preparations to sell Garba passes.

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The government is not in a position to allow Navratri at risk
Following pressure from organizers for the Navratri event, the state government may also start debating in the coming days whether to approve it, in which a final decision on approval will be taken as per the guideline of Kovid 19 based on the situation in the Corona cases. But it is also learned that the government is not ready to take any risk to make Navratri.


Fear can cause riders to fall
The organizers believe that even if a decision is taken to hold a Garba, a last-minute decision could prove difficult to hold a Ras-Garba. Even if the government allows Ras-Garba to be organized, many organizers are not in the mood to hold Ras-Garba due to fears that Khelaiya will not come to play Garba.

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