Saturday 29 August 2020

This feature of WHATSAPP is very useful for more chatters you have ever used

Whats app offers many features for its Android and iOS users. But not all features are directly visible to us. There are also some features that are hidden. You have to find it to use it.

Preparing to launch new features very quickly
WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Facebook, is also gearing up to launch a number of new features like multi-device mode and ringtone for group calls. However, it will take time for features to come with all these features. But the company added a feature to the app a long time ago. Which may come in handy to you.

You can add a shortcut of WhatsApp infection to your homescreen
In fact, we are talking about one such feature. Allows you to add a shortcut to any WhatsApp infection to your homescreen. You can add a shortcut to the chat of the person you’re talking to the most on the home screen.

This will allow you to access the chat messages directly from the screen. There is no need to open an app for that. You can delete this WhatsApp chat shortcut by long pressing on the home screen. When long press you will see the option to remove. All you have to do is press it.


Make this setting in your mobile with this step
Open the WhatsApp application. Then tap on the chat of the person whose shortcut you want to add to the home screen.
Now tap on the three dotted icons. Which you will see in the upper right corner.
Tap on ‘More’ and go to the ad shortcut. You will see that chat on the homescreen as soon as you add it.

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