Friday 25 September 2020

#couplechallenge: Fire broke out on social media, single gave a funny response

 Video Desk: A challenge is trending on social media these days. Trending under the name of Couple Challenge, this challenge is especially for couples. T

challenge is for Kapal to share a photo with his partner. The couple is very much choosing this challenge. They have found an excuse to share a romantic photo with a bus partner. There seems to be a tsunami of such photographs on Facebook. However, it is not yet clear who started the challenge. But this trend has been on fire for the last few days. On the other hand, there are singles who are making a fuss on social media. There is also an abundance of such singles. What is the challenge in posting a partner's photo, singles say? If you have the courage, try posting someone else's photo. Single people have given funny reactions using the memes template. Importantly, such a challenge trends on social media from time to time. Not long ago, challenges like Then and Now, Ten Years Back and Twenty Years Back were trending. The Ice Bucket Challenge was also trending a few years ago. In which people shared a photo of them bathing in ice water even in winter. However, police are also warning people about the couple's challenge. Pune Police has asked users to be vigilant in this challenge. Police say a photograph could put the couple in trouble.

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