Tuesday 27 October 2020

One more step in the direction of farmer welfare

 The Central Government has announced the launch of Ayushyaman Sahakar Yojana under Ayushyaman Bharat to further improve the basic facilities of health services in rural India. Under this scheme, the National Cooperative Development Corporation will provide a loan of Rs 10,000 crore to cooperative societies for the development of healthcare infrastructure in rural India. Under the Lifetime Cooperation Scheme, launched on Monday, loans will be given to government institutions to open hospitals and medical colleges in rural areas and make other health available.

10 thousand crore loan will be made available

Under the scheme, the National Cooperative Development Corporation will provide loans of Rs 10,000 crore to cooperative societies for the development of basic health care needs in rural India. Sandeep Naik, Managing Editor, NCDC, said that about 52 hospitals in the country are run by co-operative societies. The number of beds in these hospitals is 5 thousand.

It will also help in starting AYUSH education

This will also help in initiating medical and AYUSH education in government hospitals. The scheme will also provide working capital and margin money to meet the operating requirements. 

Good provision for related activities

 A statement issued by the government said that there is a good provision for health service related activities in the sub-committees of the co-operative societies. He will be able to get a loan from NCDC. This financial assistance from NCDC will be received either through the state government or directly to the eligible co-operative societies. Subsidies or grants from other sources will be by mutual agreement.

Read in Gujarati news

After launching the scheme virtually, Rupala said the need for more facilities has been felt in the current epidemic. The NCDC scheme is one more step towards welfare activities for farmers from the Central Government. Cooperatives have a major presence across the country and especially in rural areas. Some of these cooperatives also run hospitals.

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